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Head honcho. Founder of Fifteen. Ollie rolls up his sleeves to do pretty much anything around here, so don't be scared when you find him washing the dishes.

When he actually lets himself have some downtime, he’s a keen carp angler, epic watch collector and general all-around Harley Davidson lover.

What is your spirit animal?
Animals aren't my thing really, I'd probably come back as a motorbike.

Who is your weird crush?
Jessie J.... always.

Who/what is your motivation?
My uncle for everything that he achieved and of course my kids.

What is your biggest fashion faux pas?
When people put flip flops on with socks, then take them off and they are left with camel toe.

What would your Death row meal be?
My very own spaghetti bolognese

What would the title of your autobiography be?
It's all me me me me me..... or Rolexes and Champagne.

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