Marketing is crucial to success in the ever-competitive market of lawyers and solicitors. Whether you’re a small local firm, a regional network or an international player, setting the right tone through your brand and marketing is ever important.

Our team of marketing and digital experts can help to generate more leads, add credibility to your business and ensure that whoever your competitors are, you’re standing out from them.



Brand Design

The brand image for any solicitors is important; people are visiting you for advice and help. You need to make sure that you are portraying the image of knowledge and an aura of calm to ensure that customers are walking away from your firm feeling in control and happy. Fifteen’s design team help you build the strongest brand possible that will put you in good stead now and in the future. 

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Website Design  

With many different solicitors available to choose from, you need something that sets you apart from the rest, most people will either find you through a Google search or through word of mouth where they’ll then check your website for credentials. If you don’t send out the right message you could lose a client.

Breathe new life into your company with a specially designed website by the Fifteen Team. We create a detailed brief with the client and design a slick and professional website exactly to your requirements. We integrate a wide array of visuals and graphics to ensure that your company stands head and shoulders above the rest. We can also help with straplines and messaging to deliver a concept that ticks all of the boxes of your potential clients.

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Website Development

Now that your stunning website has been designed it is now time to get it developed by our in house development team. We are passionate about creating the perfect site for our clients and our development team likes nothing more to sit back after a completed site and feel proud about what they have achieved. One of the most important factors is using the latest technology to get the very best out of search engines and provide the user with the best possible experience no matter what device they are using. By using technologies such as heat mapping we ensure that the websites we develop deliver the best insights into customer behaviour so you know where to place the most important information on your website so that people get the right information quickly.

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

We know that it is more important than ever to make your company as visible as it possibly can be. We want to ensure that you can do what you do best and help people and for us to keep the enquiries coming in. The ins and outs of onsite and offsite search engine optimisation are no mystery to us and we can provide you with a comprehensive SEO led strategy that can accompany your dynamically designed website. Our approach allows you to develop a large portfolio of associated SEO friendly websites and target the best categories and keywords for you. We have the right expertise, technologies and can produce the right insights to make choose us to manage your SEO a worthy investment.

Choose Fifteen to really boost your SEO.

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“They are so enthusiastic about what they do whilst remaining very Professional.”

Lorraine Wheatley, Ashton Bond Gigg