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2022 Video Marketing – How/Why to utilise its full potential

November 2, 2021 - Fifteen

Marketing is changing and evolving all the time. What once worked, can now be less effective in today’s age. Digital marketing agencies realise 2022 video marketing is a great year to ensure that they are using the latest and most popular apps such as TikTok, it’s not just a great opportunity for agencies, but everyone to jump on.

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Marketing is changing and evolving all the time

What makes Video Marketing so important?

The demand for visual content is on the increase all the time. In the age of social media and online content sharing, marketeers understand the importance of quick catchy videos that are informative. It’s become one of the most popular forms of marketing.

Keeping the viewer invested

Attention span of a viewer feels like it is in decline, people don’t seem to be watching for as long or simply don’t want to be getting involved. So it’s important to make sure you keep viewer retention engaged.

It only takes a few seconds for the customer to view your content and decide if they’re going to continue or scroll on along. Videos are simply more reliable to keep your viewers involved, engaged rather than images and pictures.

Creating business with videos

Visually seeing products in use in day-to-day scenarios, increases chances that customers will make a purchase. Videos are easy to implement on your website or simply linking to your social accounts. 

This is a great way to capture new business with customers, whose attention is to video content rather than long text and descriptions. But you need to get that initial attraction first, which can be difficult.

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Creating business with videos

So how to draw people in

Videos more than other marketing methods have the highest probability of attracting new additions to your user base. You can use multiplatform videos to promote and keep your content consistent. This can be done across YouTube, Facebook and Instagram as examples.

Using these platforms, you’re able to target the audience you are looking for, or who in return, people are interested in your content. So if you have a specific audience to reach, it’s entirely possible in 2022 video marketing.

Videos are supported all over

Longer the video, the longer people will spend on your site, but not too long of course. This is great for google to rank your site, it will be based on viewers time spent on your webpages.

You also want to optimise these videos for SEO just like you would with Images and text, making sure your videos include clear keywords. Descriptions and titles also need to be stacked with SEO optimised content too.

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Conclusion to 2022 Video Marketing

You want to be creating engaging and consistent content ensuring that you reach your target audience. Optimise the length and provide a well cut video. Make sure you include all your SEO goodies too, share around all social media and your website.

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