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Bing & Shop: The Why and How?

September 8, 2016 - Fifteen

Take your store online and turn Bing in to your shop window with a Bing Shopping Campaign.

If you’re already using Product Ads, Bing Shopping Campaigns will become your go to outlet. The campaign allows you to advertise your items from the Bing Merchant Centre online.

Still unsure? Here are four reasons your paid search could benefit from a shopping campaign:

See what’s working. The shopping campaign lets you track performance in granular detail – so you can create a strategy and respond to the things that work for you.

Encourage click-through with a more targeted approach. The Bing shopping campaign offers better control over targeting for certain products. The hierarchy view allows better management to organize products you want to bid on.

Import your Google Shopping Campaigns in an instant. One of Bing’s best features has been the ease with which Adwords users can implement their campaigns and Shopping Campaigns are no exception. With the touch of a button you can import existing Google Shopping Campaigns through the Bing UI.

Product ads attract your customers’ attention. Why wouldn’t you capitalise on this? You can run your shopping campaigns alongside existing text adverts, and give yourself an even bigger share of the ad market.

And how to set your campaign up? It couldn’t be simpler.

In Bing ads, create a campaign, and select shopping campaign.

From the following screen, select Campaign Priority. Low, Medium and High choices are you option – the higher the campaign priority, the more likely the products in it will be shown. Perfect if you want to organise a flash sale event.

Make sure you link your campaign to the correct Store ID.

By default, all products upload to your merchant store are included in your campaign. Use product filters if you want to include only a subset of products in the campaign.

What to know what to do next? For help setting up your Bing Shopping, contact one of our team here.

Or why not enter our competition for a free Bing campaign set-up and £100 credit! Deadline 18th September.





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