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5 Tools Everyone In Social Media Should Be Using

October 6, 2016 - Fifteen

As a social media executive in a digital agency, I’m balancing several different brand accounts over several social media channels. Without these few tools, it would be a nightmare! These tools allow me to schedule, post and create content and advertising on social media platforms. Even if you’re just working on a single brand, these tools will change your digital life!



I use Hootsuite to schedule posts, mostly on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, but you can also use it for LinkedIn, Google+, WordPress and YouTube. It’s available on desktop and on app, so wherever you are, you can be scheduling posts.

Not only can you schedule on it, but you can also check up on how posts are doing, whether people are retweeting or commenting.



Email is still an important way of communicating with your customers, as it is much more direct. I use SharpSpring to create and send out emails, what is particularly handy about this site is that you can use or create templates, which you can then easily organise. Other features on this site are behaviour tracking, so you can see if people are clicking through on the email and you can test emails, this is vital when sending out large quantities of emails, as you really don’t want any mistakes.

Facebook Power Editor


To create Facebook and Instagram adverts, Power Editor is a must have. You can create your own custom audiences, use your own images and videos and decide your budgets. Through leads you can gain information from your consumer and through links you can direct them to your website. Whilst adverts are live and once they’re finished you can see how they have been doing through impressions, clicks and more.

Google Analytics


Through Google Analytics, you can views loads of different statistics and maps that will tell you a lot about your audience and website performance.

To just list a few you can;

  • View where your website visitors are located
  • How they are getting onto your page
  • What is your top content
  • How long your viewers are engaged
  • What device they used to access your site

Campaign Monitor


Campaign Monitor is another email marketing programme that is great to use. On here you can create email campaigns, customise personalised customer journeys and test, track and optimise your emails. I particularly love the fact you can personalise the emails to each person on your mailing list, it makes the email more powerful and targeted.

Here at Fifteen we offer a variety of social media services for you and your brand, to find out more click here or feel free to contact us!

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