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6 More Reasons Your Website Needs a Refresh

November 30, 2020

Knowing when to refresh your website can be a difficult decision. Updating your website can be a time-consuming process but if done right it can supercharge your visibility and improve your sales. A while back we looked at 5 signs your website needs a refresh and thought it’s time to revisit these and add a few more to the list of website refresh quick wins. 

Unresponsive Website

Users access information from a variety of devices. Mobiles account for 50% of the world’s internet usage and brands have had several years to adapt to various screen sizes. If you haven’t already, it’s imperative you make your site is responsive to desktops, tablets, and mobiles. If not, you may find users bounce off your site because of ungainly text boxes and difficult navigation with poor UX.

Out-of-date Content

Generating content for web pages, product descriptions and blogs is an integral part of the digital landscape. Adding new keywords and content not only helps you make the most of keywords and visibility but also allows you to tailor content to your users’ needs. This can be seasonal blogs, updated product information, or other up-to-date information. When time allows, go through your site; update content where possible, even if it’s just a line here or there. Your users will be more likely to trust your opinion if it’s the latest info and it shows your site is at the cutting-edge of your market. 

Out of Date Security

Website security is a constant concern for users. With the introduction of GDPR and a better understanding of the importance of personal data, it’s imperative that you update your site’s security, data policy, and certificates. If you don’t already, certifications like HTTPS are a must. You should also provide users with terms and conditions of use and a statement about personal data usage. The Data Protection Act was brought into British Law in 2018; if you haven’t updated your policies in a while, it’s worth understanding the DPA and amending your terms accordingly.




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