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6 terrible bucket list items to tick off during isolation 

May 1, 2020 - john

Bucket Lists usually consist of things like parachuting and travelling to every continent, but these things are next to impossible to tick off during the lockdown. Instead, they have been replaced with terrible things that you never really wanted to do.

Big food shop at 7am

Personally, I’m more of an evening shopper. After work is when my food shopping takes place, so it felt absurd going to Tesco at 7am, before queues and work starts, to buy my next 10 meals.

I also don’t know if this is normal 7am shopping behaviour, but I also saw some of the biggest shops I’ve ever seen at that hour. I’m talking about hundreds of pounds worth, big trolleys with mountains of food. Extremely annoying when only two tills are open.

Stay inside the house for a whole week

There are usually two excuses for spending several days at home – illness and hangovers. But these days everything goes and fresh air has rarely been as far down on the priority list as it is now.

People are therefore breaking all sorts of records when it comes to staying at home, personally, 5 is my record, but I’ve heard of people that haven’t left for a month due to the wonders of delivery services and a big garden.

Complete Netflix

Some say it can’t be done, but they underestimate the powers of quarantine without a balcony or a garden.

Having polished off the likes of Tiger King and Better Call Saul with ease, it will become more challenging as you face programs such as Glee, but we’ve got faith in you!

100 video calls in a week

During normal circumstances, this sounds like a ridiculous figure, but these days you might not even need to put any effort in to reach that number as the zoom and skype calls come streaming in.

As an extra challenge, maybe try 100 video calls as a potato in a week:

Hold your breath for over 2 mins (after hearing someone cough)

Most of us have done it by now. Someone in front or walking past us has coughed and we’ve held our breath because at that moment in time we think it will make a difference. It probably doesn’t do a thing but it seems that fear can help you hold your breath for an impressive amount of time.

Disinfect disinfectant

Even the most OCD people around can’t have disinfected a bottle of disinfectant before, but wiping down all your shopping is now normal, so this inception of disinfection has become reasonably common.

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