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A Day in the Life of a Designer – Lucy Goodwin

July 15, 2016 - Fifteen

After an hour or so of getting ready and catching up on Hollyoaks (a morning ritual) I normally get into the studio around 8:45, this gives me a bit of spare time to get the Mac fired up and have a quick chat about the past evenings activities before settling down with my green tea and to do lists I’d have written out the night before, for a quick reminder about what’s happening and needs completing.

I will then pop onto the company’s social accounts that I look after, Instagram and Pinterest. I will catch up on what’s happening on each, reply to any comments and make a quick plan of what we can share that day. This will usually be a recently launched piece of work, something great that’s happening in the office, or if it’s a Friday, making a plan for our #FifteenFriday selfie, a quick 5 minutes we take to group and capture our excitement for the weekend ahead.

I will then check my emails and consult the to do lists. I have three on the go at the minute, I love a to do list and with so many projects you need to be juggling at one time they are definitely an essential to keep on track of everything, my mind just can’t rest without them. These will help me to make one more lists which will be my plan for the day, although in such a busy studio you can always bet something else will come up throughout the day to make you have to rearrange/reshuffle/work faster.

On a Monday morning we have a designers meeting. This gives us the opportunity to have a chat about what work we all have on and how our schedules are looking for the week ahead and see who is best suited for any new projects that may have come in or will come in over the course of the week.

With these complete I will settle down to make a start on the first to do of the day. This means a coffee is essential. There’s something about sitting down with a coffee at a tidy desk that really helps me focus.

At the minute I am designing a new e-commerce website. Following on from the wireframing process, I am now carrying out the design, so this involves firing up photoshop and starting to bring the website to life, ensuring the user journey remains the main focus throughout. This will be my main project for the day, with a bit of jumping around onto other projects as and when needed.

Around 1pm I will take my half hour for lunch. I always tell myself I will step away from the screen and go for a walk for some fresh air but it never happens. I tend to spend this time eating and checking out what’s happening on Twitter, this will usually lead me off to an interesting article so I find it a good way to chip into what’s happening in the design world.

As emails come in throughout the day I may hop on and off projects, carrying out amends following client feedback to make sure all projects are moving along nicely. This can see your day becoming a real mix of projects which keeps it varied and interesting.

Occasionally I will be involved in a client meeting, this will either be a project start or a presentation of the design. It’s good to meet the client, get their story and objectives first hand and be there in front of them for their first viewing so you can see the reactions first hand.

I had a lovely visit from a recent client in an afternoon not long ago. I worked with them to create a new brand and design a label for their gin distillery, Redsmith. So as a lovely surprised they popped in with two bottles of the final product. As much as I am excited to try the gin, it’s even greater to see the design on the bottle in the flesh and hear about the great response they are getting from it.

I tend to get to mid-afternoon before I start thinking about a snack and working in the Fifteen studio you can guarantee they’ll be some sort of naughty treat in the office to ruin your healthy eating, especially on cake Fridays. That’s one of the great things about working at Fifteen, there’s always something exciting happening, whether in the office or out on a social, everyone gets on well and has fun.

This week we are off to the Derby Telegraph Business Awards, we are up for the Services Award so I am pretty excited to attend and find out the results.

Our working hours are from 9am till 5:30pm so as 5:30pm approaches I assess if I’ve completed everything that needs doing that day. This sometimes means continuing working until I reach a comfortable place and am happy with my progress for the day.

I take great pleasure in ticking off the completed to dos for the day and will make a quick list of things I know need doing the next day.

I’ll now shut down my Mac and head off home.

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