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A day in the life of a Digital Producer at a Digital Agency – Sophie Kish

June 17, 2016 - Fifteen

Ok, so being a Digital Producer at one of the top agencies in the East Midlands is not a job for the faint hearted, you have to be on the ball, on top of your work load (managing multiple projects at any one time) and be able to deal with a lot of questions and client queries on a daily basis, and not to mention, be SUPER organised. It’s never boring, and always exciting and challenging, and that’s what I love!

With a background in customer service, digital media and marketing I’ve had a lot of exposure to dealing with a range of people on a daily basis, answering a number of enquiries and understanding how to explain technical information to them in a non-technical way, organising deadlines and timeframes and managing teams. All of the skills that I’ve learnt along the way through my degree, and relevant work experience all help me to do my job.

My job is an important part within the business, as I manage all digital projects that come through the studio, scheduling the developer’s time and make sure that a project is delivered on time and on budget, tested and exceeds the clients expectations. There is a lot resting on my shoulders!

Being woken up by my cat Bella in the morning is the best alarm clock you could ask for, there is no snooze on a hungry cat! I get her fed, and then check my emails to see if any of my clients have been working into the night on their website and have queries I need to deal with at the office (mental preparation for the day ahead), and then get myself dressed and ready to leave for the office.

On the way to work, I’m normally singing along to the songs on the radio or the musical tracks on my phone, which puts me in the right mood for the day, and get into the office ready to go generally for about 8.30/8.45am.

My first port of call is my morning cuppa, and then onto saying hello to the team and finding out how their evenings have been. I then run through the emails that are urgent and I need to fire off to relevant members in the team and create my to-do list in priority order.

My first client query comes in at around 9.30am and they need some help with their website, because they can’t remember how to make a change after their training a few months ago. I find out what page needs to be amended, and talk them through the steps so that they can amend the information themselves, they thank me for my help, and then I carry on with my day.

Next item on the list is the developer meeting with Pav, Chris, Al, Mikey and Josh, we catch up twice a week – on a Monday and Thursday at around 10am. We run through everyone’s work load, and address any stumbling blocks and work together to tackle them, each member of my team has a great skill set, and they vary per person, so if one is stuck, another can help. The team works great together and support each other really well, this makes my job easier when I’m trying to co-ordinate and manage projects. In this particular developer catch-up we are discussing a hacking seminar that Al (our backend developer) attended a few weeks ago, and the enquiry that has spun off the back of it, and looking into different processes and systems we can put into place to make sure that we are all working to maximum capacity and effort.

11.30am comes and I’m off to a client training session at their offices, I’ve got my pre-prepared bespoke training guide (that I did the week before) printed off ready to give to the client, and emailed over their login information prior to my meeting. I greet the clients and walk into their meeting room, with laptops set-up and ready to go. I talk them through each step of using the website, and how to utilise it to it’s full potential moving forward, and set them some tasks to complete for me to take a look at over the next week.

Back to the office and I grab my lunch, I’ve got a list of calls from clients to respond to within the next few hours, and crack on with my to-do list!

First priority is to launch one of the website’s that Pavan (Lead Developer), Michelle (Lead Creative) and I have been working on, it’s been tested and checked by a number of members of the team, and we start to upload it to the server ready to switch the DNS settings to get the site online! Within an hour we hear the beautiful sound of the ‘fanfare’ which we play for every web launch, it’s a great moment in the office!!

During this time, Josh (Production Co-Ordinator) and I are working on populating another website which is due to launch at the end of June, it’s an e-commerce website for a clothing company based in Nottingham, so making sure that the items are all populated correctly are key to the websites success.

After an hour or so of working on populating the website, its 2pm and I’ve got a meeting with Kate (Client Services Director) and Chanelle (Account Manager) for a new website enquiry. Our range of experience allows us to understand the clients needs and requirements with ease, and we can work on a pitch and quote to go back to them in due course.

After the meeting, I call the clients that have called to speak to me through the day and deal with their queries and questions, and catch up with the team on their day’s work.

End of play – around 6.15pm I have a catch up with Kate and Ollie generally about project progress, sales and any other business that we need to sort out, before making sure that I’ve cleared my inbox and ticked off my to-do list, and make the 40 minute drive home.

On my way home, I get a call from a client who wants to discuss some further additional pages for their site, I arrive home and send over some idea’s.

After that’s done, time to cook dinner for me and the boyfriend, and chill out before it all starts again tomorrow!

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