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A day in the life of a Frontend Web Developer – Chris Lee

September 16, 2016 - Fifteen

Every day is different in web development, and not every day is building a website. The work I’m scheduled, who is in the office and the clients needs greatly affects what I have ahead of me.


6:15 start and straight to the gym. Although not as regularly as I’d like to, I get to the gym and do my workout first thing in the morning to help me feel energised for the rest of the day. It lasts around an hour and then nip home, prep for work, and drive in.

Getting up so early usually means I’m into work early and, if time permits, I take the chance to walk to the nearby shops and back. I know I’ll be spending the majority of the day sitting in a chair, and some stretching will help after I’ve been to the gym.


Once I’m in it’s time to read through the emails, sort my todo lists and prep for the day. I try to get any small 5 minute tasks complete to give me a clear run at the rest of the morning. I’m working on a website today so I open a browser to view the site, open a text editor to make changes, and then open a terminal session to compile my work. This will keep me occupied for the next few hours.


By now I’ve been staring at a screen a good few hours I need a chance to let my eyes rest and some fresh air, so for my lunch I’ll walk to the nearby shops and stretch my legs.


This afternoon I’ve had an email, a client requires several emails built urgently to send out the next day. I put my project on hold and move onto this. To get started I need to initialise my Email Builder, initialise a git repository and layout my project. Although these tasks seem somewhat cumbersome as oppose to just writing the email, my Email Builder is a task runner with a collection of tasks which simplify and speed up arduous tasks into automated processes. For instance to develop an email, the styles need to be inline into the HTML of the email. I can work on my SCSS, this is then processed and mapped into CSS, which is then inline into my distributable HTML email, all of this is done instantly. With this time saving workflow I am able to extract and optimise images, build the email and test them in various email applications while keeping repetitive and time consuming tasks to a minimum.

Run Club

Most days we work overtime, but today is a Thursday so 17:30 wrap up and clean the desks to get out the office and into my running kit. Every Thursday a group of us run a 5km loop around the local area. Alex, Chief Navigator, regularly comes up with new routes that bring new challenges, steeper hills and longer stretches. This is a regular occurrence but we do have a pact that we collectively decide not to go running in the rain, when we’re finished the 45 minute drive home is made all the worse when soggy.

Going home

Depending on when we get going and when we get back (plus the 45min drive home) it starts to get late and I’m ready for some dinner. I cook every opportunity I get because I see it as an important skill, but just after running I’m just about worn out, so sling fajitas in the oven, wolf them down and spend the rest of the night relaxing.

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