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A day in the life of a Social Media Executive – Tom Doherty

August 4, 2016 - fifteen

One of the main reasons I love working within the digital world is that it is ever-changing, meaning I am forever kept on my toes. Therefore, the need for me to be on-the-ball and adaptable is becoming evermore important.

6:30am: In order to achieve this, I like to do some form of physical exercise before work (some days anyway!) to get the blood flowing! Luckily, the gym I attend is on the way to work, so there really is no legitimate excuse for me to not put in an early shift!

Post gym, and fuelled by the endorphins, my drive to work is usually accompanied by either a sport/comedy podcast, or some sensational tunes from the always-reliable Smooth Radio. Having exerted my lungs with some truly terrible singing, I arrive at work raring to go.

9:00am: First things first – to the emails. Have any issues developed overnight that need my attention? Have any of our posts gone viral? Have I won the lottery? Etc etc. Once I’ve sifted through them and prioritised the most urgent, I can then plan my day. After going on a drinks run for the team, I can then get stuck into all things social media.

9:10am: I manage several social platforms for numerous clients, all of which are very different in nature. Therefore, in order to maximise the effectiveness of each post I distribute (whether that be paid posts or organic), I have to ensure I research the type of content that is likely to spark the interest of each client’s audience. This includes sourcing any news stories that are relevant to the client, discovering trending topics and hashtags that we can exploit, e.g. the Pokemon Go craze etc. Upon completing this research, I contact the client to see if there are any messages/offers they want to push out on social media for that week. I can then schedule the posts to go out at a peak time that will gain them maximum exposure. To do this, I use a wonderful tool called Hootsuite that allows me to work across all accounts via the one platform (it really is a God-send!).

12:00pm: Out of nowhere, lunch has suddenly crept up on me! I usually bring some food from home – cous-cous was a personal favourite of mine but after having it for a good few weeks on the bounce (and due to peer pressure from fellow Fifteeners) I have given it up for a while! A quick check of my personal social media to see the latest news/sport and a quick walk to the shop down the road (weather depending!) and I’m ready to get stuck back into the day’s tasks.

12:30pm: After completing the organic (unpaid) social media posts for my clients, I now focus on the paid campaigns, whether that be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin etc. This involves putting a certain budget behind a campaign to achieve an objective set by the client at the outset, i.e. to boost conversions/sales, increase likes on their social media accounts, among many other options. These campaigns can be incredibly detailed, even to the point of targeting people based on what TV programmes they watch! After setting the objective for the campaign, who target and what budget to put behind it, I need to create some eye-catching artwork that is likely to be noticed. By no means am I a designer, but a wonderful tool called Canva allows novices like me to create masterpieces (kind of!). After running the campaigns past the clients, I set them live and will monitor them carefully to spot any trends that may appear.

 3:30pm: Next on the agenda are email campaigns. I need to be alert of any upcoming events that may be relevant to my clients so we can send out an email that is likely to draw attention and interaction. In addition to this, I need to create engaging copy that will be in-keeping with the client’s brand, as well as asking one of our designers to produce graphics that will give the email that extra edge.

4:30pm: In an ever-changing digital industry, it is vitally important to stay up-to-date with the latest developments, so I spend the final part of the day researching new techniques and methods that have been implemented by leading experts within the field and then ponder how I can use these on my own projects. Usually, if I find good practice, I will transform it into a blog to be posted on the Fifteen website.

5:45-6:00pm (ish): After another busy but rewarding day, I finally shut my computer down and head home, excited for the new and exciting challenges that will undoubtedly face me in the morning!

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