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A Day In The Life Of A Web Developer

August 19, 2016 - Sam Doyle

6:45am. My alarm goes off, and I begrudgingly get up to turn it off. I’m awake now, and there’s no chance of a quick snooze. Oh well, better get ready for my day.

I’ll check my emails from home or on my phone while I’m getting ready for work. I have a lot of things piped into my email, security statuses and backups. Luckily there’s not a lot of days where there’s an emergency to fix straight away. File the emails in their proper place.

7:20am. A quick catch up on the online schedule and to see what my day holds and make a mental todo list before leaving the house at about 7:30.

I catch the bus to work, and my buses are quite irregular so I can be stood in the Bus Station from anywhere between 7:45 and 8:25am to catch the bus to the Office. I hate that this is the case, so much wasted time. I’m working on saving up to get a Motorbike which will sort out this wasted time and make me more productive and in control.

As my buses are so erratic, I can arrive at the office anywhere between 8:15am and 9am. It’s always great to arrive early, it gives me a chance to catch up and get settled in before everyone else gets there. Often it’s just myself, Ollie, Kate and Chris in the office before everyone else, and it’s a nice time to catch up with them, see how their evening or weekend was and to put my mental todo list down onto my physical one.

From 9am til around 2pm I’m mainly coding. That is, developing a website. I can be sat on one website for that whole time or flitting between projects. Today as an example, I spent from 9am til around 10:30am setting up a new computer for a new starter, getting her emails and all that good stuff online.

2pm is generally lunch time for me. I’m often the last to go for lunch, but my previous professions have always had late lunch times and I’m just used to that by now. Hunger pangs start kicking in at about 1:30pm but it’s nice to get just that little bit of extra work done before downing tools and going for lunch.

Again, between 2pm and 5pm I can usually be found at my desk, with a can of Monster, headphones in, music loud – doing my favourite thing in the world: creating new websites and experiences for users. Our MD Ollie calls this “wired in”, and it fits.

When 5pm hits, I check my emails to see if I’ve missed any while I’ve been wired in, and if I have I’ll action those. If I’ve been asked to do any odd jobs during the day (or if I notice something which needs fixing) I’ll usually save those until this 5pm slot as well, unless it’s urgent that it’s done immediately.

5:30pm hits and people are gradually leaving the office. It’s not a mad rush, people leave when they are ready to leave, and I like that. This does create a sort of crunch time for me to finish the work I started at 5pm, or if I had no 5pm jobs, to just enjoy the quiet and crack on with some of the bits I wish I had had more time to do.

Between 5:30pm and 6pm is a sort of ‘cheat half hour’ for me, as my bus doesn’t usually arrive until 6:15pm at the earliest, so I might as well stick around and get some extra done. It helps to keep me ahead on my numerous projects and I can also set myself up for tomorrow at this point.

Around 5:50, I am packing up my things and ready to leave the office for a brisk walk to the bus stop on the market place. While I’m on the bus I am usually listening to my music and I’m checking emails, reading articles and sometimes looking for solutions to problems I had during the day. I find that some of my best ideas come to me on the bus – where I have had a nice chunk of time to think and not able to act on them. I’ll often email myself things to check out either when I get home, or tomorrow morning.

I can get back to Derby, where I live, anywhere between 6:40 and 7pm. It then takes me a bit longer to walk home than it did to walk to work, I do like to take varying routes on my walks to and from work, to keep the scenery fresh.

7pm. Finally home, I’m probably going to make some dinner or maybe code a bit more on some personal projects at home, or play a game on the computer to wind down.

I check my emails on my phone throughout the evening to see if Sophie (our Digital Producer) has emailed me with any outstanding content, or a client has reported an issue which needs fixing immediately. Not something I have to do, but something I like doing to stay ahead of the curve.

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