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A Day in the Life of Lofty – Senior Creative & UX Designer

July 22, 2016 - fifteen

My day usually starts with 4 alarms… I’m that person that loves to believe she’s getting a lie in. 6.00, 6.30, 7.00, 7.15 and I’m up! After a shower I use blowdrying my hair as an excuse to catch up on emails (saves time once I’m in the office!) and scroll through social media stuff. Bit of makeup applied whilst watching some subscriptions on Youtube (Fratocrats and WOWPresents are some favourites!), dressed and then hit the door. If I’ve left myself any time I’ll make a tea to go and drive the 20 odd minutes it takes in the morning to arrive at the office anywhere between 8:30 and 8:50, it’s a rare occasion that I’ll be any later than that!

9am – On a typical Monday the design team will usually meet up before 9:15 for a run down of all the projects currently live and in progress, this gives us a chance to make sure we’ve got everything on our ‘to do’ list in hand but also to understand the type of workload the others have. If our workloads seem to be out of balance we will use this opportunity to share the load more fairly, it allows our team to be more efficient and to schedule themselves accordingly. Once we’ve wrapped that up I’ll schedule my week in Float and make sure there’s nothing I’ve missed.

9:30am – Caffeinate, reply to emails, get any ‘minute’ jobs done before hitting a large task.

10am – Headphones in, head down to complete some wireframing. After working on a website wireframe the previous week, the client has sent some amendments (anticipated!), so I’ve set 2 hours aside to get these done. I’ll get most of the work completed but will usually try and catch a developer or producer to see if they had any ideas they might want to add at this stage. It’s always valuable to get input from other members of the team, it helps us all learn and grow as creatives.

11.50 – Need more tea! I offer some people around the office, but somehow I manage to get away with just making one for myself. I assume people don’t like the way I make a brew (or perhaps I just made bad ones on purpose…)

12noon – Send the visuals to the client and head off to a project start meeting with Kate, Chanelle and Sophie. We meet at our clients office and discuss their needs for the website, it’s important for our designers to get out of the office and get to know the client first hand rather than always working from written briefs. We feel that we will produce a much better end product this way. Depending on the project these meetings can last anywhere between 1-3 hours, this one ran for an hour and a half and got us all buzzing to begin the project!

1.30pm – Lunchtime! You’ll usually find me with some sort of soup that I’ve brought in, if I’m feeling particularly flush I might pick up a wrap from Tesco. Someone in the office may have been particularly sneaky and brought in some cake product/ice cream/sweets too! I might use this time to reply to any emails in between mouthfuls of soup too.

2.00pm – Internal meeting with our Junior Designer. Luke has just joined us as a junior in the design team and between myself and Michelle we dedicate time in our day to try and help his design skills. Today he’s working on a website, it’s coming along nicely! We might offer a few tips and tricks to him and make sure that he’s on schedule!

2.40pm – Proof a doc to go to print – Lucy’s sending a brochure to print and we have a checklist that asks at least 2 members to check any documents that are being sent to print. Print out, double sided, highlighter at the ready! The type of things we commonly look for are ‘widows’, which are single words on a line of their own at the end of a paragraph, missing punctuation, alignment issues and spelling mistakes. If there’s any further amendments, the designer will implement these and output for print.

2:57pm – Kate walks through to the kitchen, she asks if I want a brew…. YES PLEASE!

3.00pm – Design for packaging. One of our clients are working on the release of new product for their beauty range of products. After some previous research it’s time to me to get some ideas down. Over the next few hours I design around 8 different covers for the box. I tried to create several different styles, but that all fitted our brief and target audience. I printed out the designs and got some opinions from the ladies around the office (it’s a female orientated product!), there was a good variation on opinions, but most of them positive. I choose to ditch 2 of the ideas and lay up 6 different options for the client. Fingers crossed they like it! Email goes to them at 5:25pm

5.25pm – Odds and Ends – Once I’ve got to this period of the day I try not to start any new projects, just tie up any loose ends or do any little jobs that might have landed in my inbox over the past day or two (and believe me, there will be some of those!). Today, I lay up a document in Microsoft Word (shudder) to make sure it’s on brand and funnily enough, begin writing this blog…

6.15pm – I usually leave anywhere between 5.30pm (official quittin’ time) or 7.00pm (unofficial quittin’ time!), depending on my workload or if I’ve got some stuff I’d just like to get out of the way. On the rare occasion it might be a later one, but us Fifteen team stick together and we’re never left moonlighting on our own. On this occasion, I leave with a couple other members of the team who have also stuck around to get some stuff done.

I hop in the car and stick on a podcast for the journey home, I’m currently listen ing to “What’s the T, with RuPaul and Michelle Visage”, it’s mainly focussed on the art of Drag, which I really enjoy! Once home, I’ll usually make some dinner (that’s a lie, I get Adam to do it) and enjoy watching some Netflix, the current favourites are Death Note (anime), RuPaul’s Drag Race (I’ve watched it a million times) and Orange is the New Black (rewatching before the next season is due out!). Couple of brews later and it’s off to bed, ready to rest up for the next day.

I can’t guarantee I’ve ever had a day the same at Fifteen, with such an array of clients and projects there’s always a unique experience to combat. That’s the thrill of working in an agency environment and it keeps my mind and creativity from going stale.

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