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A day in the life of Michelle Moss, Lead Creative

July 8, 2016 - Fifteen

9.00am – Emails

Turn on my mac and go through all of my emails and messages. I try to spend 30 minutes answering requests, trying to find out answers and setting up a schedule for the rest of the day.

9.30am – Design team meeting

Every Monday we have a quick run through the job list and make sure everyone knows who is working on what. We can use this time to talk through any issues or problems we’ve been having, reschedule work to meet project deadline updates or manage workloads efficiently. Everyone leaves this meeting with a sound idea of what they have to achieve for the week and actions to undertake.

10.00am – Website design

We’re an hour in and now the work can finally begin. I’m working on a brand new bespoke website design for a security printing company. The first thing I do is spend time researching the latest trends in website design, what’s out there that’s working for other people and how could we utilise these developments to help our client. I visit lots of different award websites for design inspiration, bookmark ideas and then try to form a wireframe for the design on paper to make sure I have the user journey correct before starting a design.

10.45am – Office stuff

Ollie walks into the room and wants a new phone list. I make the list, print it out, cut it up and stick it to everyone’s phone.

11.00am – Back to the website design

11.15am – Added value…

I’m currently helping Fifteen improve our environmental policy by working with Investors in the Environment (iiE) to achieve a Green award and reduce our carbon footprint. For this I need to empty all the paper waste bins and weigh them and then I send the results to iiE.

11.30am – More added value…

A parcel arrives. It’s the award statues for the Hermes Creative Awards we won last month. I unpack the boxes, pass them around the team and place them proudly in our awards cabinet.

11.45am – Back to the website design

I’m now in a position where I’m sketching out the wireframe for the home page, making sure all the important information is available to users and the messages the client wants to shout about are clear. From this I can start the design.

12.15pm – Lunch

It’s a gorgeous sunny day so Alex and I go for a walk to M&S.

12.45pm – More emails…

By this time in the day, I’ve usually spoken to a few clients on the phone who’ve given me a request or have sent over an email enquiry. I try to keep on top of them throughout the day, but a lot of the time it takes a morning for other people to answer my questions from earlier in the day. Now I can get back to earlier requests with answers.

1.15pm – Back to the website design

2.00pm – Office stuff

The Euros are starting on Friday and people have been asking me to start a sweepstake. I try to drum up a bit of enthusiasm and more participants from the other team members.

2.30pm – Blogs

An email arrives from Digital Marketing Manager, Natalie. She wants a blog written by everyone by Friday titled “A day in the life of…”

2.45pm – More email requests

2.50pm – Back to the blog

3.00pm – Back to the website design

5.00pm – Preparing for tomorrow

The afternoon goes on between these points until we hit 5pm. At this time I like to revisit my emails and action list and make sure I’ve made plans and progress to start ticking them all off, then I can write myself a to do list for the next day. I spend the last 30 minutes catching up on emails and making sure the rest of the design team are in a good position with their workload.

5.30pm – Home time!

It’s time to down tools for the day. I check with the team to see if anyone needs a helping hand with any jobs and if they do I will stay to support them. But today, everyone is up to speed, it’s a sunny day and the garden is calling so I head home.

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