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Absolut Vodka’s biggest design update since 1979

September 7, 2021 - Fifteen

Project ‘Atlas’ started in 2018; the challenge to re-design the iconic glass bottle with already such a strong design heritage and recognisability. The design is something that they wanted to cherish and honour in the new design, while like many 2021 re-brands they also wanted to take it in a direction for the future.

The iconic design was taken and broken down into key design features, from the blue logo type to the hand written script and re-constructed with an enlarged iconic blue logo type to be even more visible, raised glass embossing and shortened hand script to show a much clearer message and brand heritage.

Absolut Vodka
Poznan, Poland – June 23, 2016: Absolut Vodka is a brand of vodka, produced near Ahus, in Sweden. Owned by French group Pernod Ricard it is one of the largest brand of alcoholic spirits in the world.

The original bottle had a flat print all over with a lot of type. ‘Country of Sweden’ now wraps at the bottom of the bottle in a raised type face giving a more sophisticated, premium and also traditional look. This new wording also links back to it’s long-standing tradition and knowledge of vodka making in this region.

Covering a large section of the original bottle were the words, ‘Once source. One community. One superb vodka. Crafted in the village of Åhus, Sweden. Absolute since 1879’, with other variations used in the past. Keeping the same hand script, this phrase has now been replaced simply with ’Swedish Vodka’. This takes pride of place on the front of the bottle making it clear that the progressive vodka is authentically rooted to create the distinct vodka consumers know and love.

The new bottle can be seen here.

Absolut Vodka’s ‘one source’ philosophy is illustrated on the back of the glass bottle with a drawing of the original distillery alongside text. This notes the one source one community and that every bottle is produced and distilled in Sweden. This is also illustrated with the original distillery address on the front paper label, the first paper label that Absolut have included.

Keeping with tradition, the iconic shape that is inspired by an 18th-century apothecary bottle has remained and so has the high-quality Swedish vodka that is housed within it.

The key elements have remained the same, no big re-design of the iconic logo like we have seen with other brands post-pandemic. This design update really hones in on the brand message and core values, making it clear and concise for consumers.

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