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The How and Why of Bing Ad Scheduling

September 10, 2016 - Fifteen

Ad scheduling is a cost-effective method to get the most from your PPC campaigns.

Bing allows their users to choose which times their advert campaign runs on the internet – a vital part of your advertising strategy.

So why should you be using ad scheduling? And just what are the benefits?

Make a small budget go further. If you’re running a limited budget, ad scheduling is perfect to help you optimise your campaign.

React to data from your campaigns. If your campaign is getting a high bounce rate in the evenings, you can turn your ads off for this time. Alternatively, if you notice your advert is performing well at 7-9pm on a Tuesday, you can schedule it to run only at these time.

If your business is enquiry-based and your adverts encourage clients to call your offices, then there’s no point running your advert out of opening times. Turn your adverts off when there’s no-one to answer the calls.

Know when your adverts are most likely to convert. Midnight on a Saturday? Those clicks are probably going to get wasted. You can turn them off so they won’t appear during searches at this time.

Be extremely targeted. You can target even as far as 15-minute increments, giving you a huge level of control over when your adverts are appearing on the internet, and use bid increases on these times.

Keep your ads relevant. If you’re running a sale you can schedule your adverts to end when your event does. Of if your ad copy applies to a current event, make sure it only appears whilst needed.

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