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Agency Content vs In-House: The Pros and Cons

October 14, 2020

The argument between in-house content and outsourced content is one that rages every year. Both have pros and cons and can be useful but it all depends on your timeframe, scale, and expertise. We’ll take a brief look at both options so you can make an informed decision about which system works for you.

Pros of Outsourcing Content

Trusting a digital agency allows you access to leading marketing expertise and insights. Agency teams work across all industries on projects ranging from regular blogging to scriptwriting, email templates to website copy, and content planning to content calendar creation. This allows agencies to offer dynamic solutions. An in-house copywriter may have a knack for words but little understanding of social media or design. Entrusting your digital marketing and content to an agency gives you all of these options and more.

Agencies work with results in mind. As a digital agency, we live and die by our results, whether you’re looking to increase visibility, increase sales, or get that phone ringing all day, we can target your needs and build content campaigns aimed at your needs. This results-driven approach means that you have transparency across all channels and at all levels. From individual blog performance to annual reviews, the data is directly connected to your content.

Another advantage of agencies is their access to the latest technology and tactics. Staying at the cutting edge is paramount to success for a digital agency. Marketing teams are always on the lookout for new and interesting ways to help their clients. By trusting your content to a digital agency you can rest easy knowing that your team is working with modern practices and approaches.

Finally, outsourcing content saves you spending time and effort in-house. You don’t need to wast time training current staff on how to create digital content. Instead, you can focus on your strengths and leave your content and digital marketing up to the experts.

Cons of Outsourcing Content

As with all things, there are pros and cons to outsourcing content. Chief among these is the fact that agencies have several clients and projects all running concurrently. This means that depending on your contract with the company, you may have to wait for work, meetings, and the like.

Digital agencies are also likely to have their own views on how to market your business. This isn’t necessarily a con though as digital agencies can provide you with key insight and out-the-box ideas.

Finally, you’ll need to choose the right agency. Look for an established agency with proven credentials such as awards, accreditations, and great reviews or case studies. If you find the right agency, you’ll find they fit seamlessly into your business and become a useful tool for your brand’s development.

Pros of In-House Content

In-House content creation also has its benefits. The most obvious pro is that you have a dedicated content creator who you can call upon at any time. This immediacy is something that agencies can’t always emulate as there is always a phone call or email between you and your point of contact.

In-House content creators can also be well-versed in your brand and industry. This is especially the case in industries where a high degree of technical know-how is required. A well-versed in-house team can create content that is finetuned to your audience and speaks to your brand’s expertise.

Cons of In-House Content

In-house teams also come with a few cons that are worth thinking about. One of the biggest is time. Creating new roles within a business is a difficult process and you’ll need to commit time to define the role, promoting an employee, or interviewing for someone to fill the role.

Add to this the cost of another salary, insurance, and other costs and you’ve added additional cost to your outgoings. You’ll need to make sure you can commit to a long-term role that requires investment. If you don’t have enough work, or room in the payroll, going in-house can be tricky.

Another issue with an in-house content creator is that they may be limited in what they can do. Without access to a development team, designers, and SEO and social media experts, you may find their hands are tied. Digital marketing is an ecosystem and content is one part of this delicate balance.

As you can see there are several aspects to consider before going with an agency or in-house team. If you would like to know more about what a leading digital agency can offer, contact us today. We have spent years mastering the online space and create insightful campaigns for our clients; all designed to drive traffic and aid conversions.




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