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Alicia spends the week with Fifteen

July 4, 2014 - fifteen

I was excited to spend a week at Fifteen Design for my work experience, but I had no idea what to expect at all.

Fifteen Work Experience Nottingham

I started off my week with meeting the team (who were very friendly) and was shown around. I was then briefed on a project I was going to work on, which was direct mail. For the rest of that day I researched different ways I could present the project by using the Internet and various versions of direct mail that were already created by the Fifteen team. I spent the week developing my ideas and creating mock versions, before settling on one and creating it in InDesign (Which I had never heard about till this week, along with many other useful programmes) I have also helped with other small jobs such as editing a few photos for Fifteens new website.

Before my placement at Fifteen Design I never thought that a work place could be this much fun or that I could see too many Mr Kipling’s French Fancies in one place at once.

I am thankful for the amazing week and for the team for making it a brilliant time for me.

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