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Are digital marketing certifications worth it?

August 29, 2022

As digital marketing takes over from traditional forms of marketing, there is an increased demand for digital marketing certification. In the country, digital marketing budgets inflated by 9.6% between 2020 and 2021. Considering this increased demand, you may ask, ‘are digital marketing certifications worth it?’ Let us explore the concept further and see why such certification is important.

What is digital marketing certification?

Digital marketing certification is the recognition given to individuals who complete an online digital marketing course. The certification is proof of the skills and knowledge acquired in understanding digital marketing techniques and strategies. Additionally, the certification gives the individual an upper hand during recruitment, proving their competence in handling the modern digital marketing challenges.

Digital marketing certification is meant for all sales and marketing department members. Additionally, small business owners and anyone actively involved in planning, measuring, and executing digital marketing strategies need such training.

What’s the certification’s value?

We live in a digital world, and marketing has had to shift and adapt to this new reality. The old marketing skills are no longer as effective, requiring anyone involved in marketing to undergo the relevant training to refine and upgrade their approach to the digital market. Therefore, digital marketing courses provide the means to acquire the relevant skills, with the certification as proof of your competence.

Digital marketing certification courses cover several important topics:

  • Digital marketing foundation
  • Content marketing
  • Website optimisation
  • Social media marketing
  • Paid search
  • Content marketing
  • SEO
  • Email marketing
  • Display and video advertising
  • Analytics
  • Digital strategy

These topics are structured into training modules and presented in a systematic and easy-to-comprehend method. In the end, marketers acquire the necessary skills to cope in a world that’s shifting from most of the traditional forms of marketing or evolving those traditional forms to remain relevant in the modern world.

What are the benefits of getting a digital marketing certification?

Increase demand for your services

As the country grapples with the digital skills gap, those who take the initiative to acquire digital skills are in significantly high demand in the job market. Therefore, getting a digital marketing certification gives you an edge over other prospective employees when applying for marketing jobs in top firms.

Access more job opportunities

Besides being in demand, you’ll also notice that most marketing departments constantly look for the right talent. This means that there are plenty of opportunities for those with digital marketing certification in a market that seems saturated to those without such certification.

Upgrade your skills

Digital marketing courses expose you to new and better ways of marketing, thus upgrading your skills and competencies. Technology is constantly evolving and improving, making it necessary to take a digital marketing course and periodically refresh your skills through advanced courses.

Acquire practical knowledge

Most digital marketing courses take a real-world approach to training, imparting skills and knowledge relevant to the present circumstances. Such a realistic approach ensures you can apply what you learn in class directly to your job.

Are digital marketing certifications worth it?

In short, yes, they are. You can see this when you consider the present global situation and the benefits of taking these courses, especially how they prepare you for modern marketing challenges.

Tips on choosing the best digital marketing certification courses

Digital marketing certification is only useful if it advances your objectives and makes you competent in the digital world. Therefore, consider these factors before undertaking any certification:

Understand your training needs

Avoid the pressure of seeking certification before understanding your digital marketing skills gaps and incompetence. Such understanding will guide you in picking the right courses.

Pick the right learning style

You may be comfortable self-learning online, or you may need a tutor. Additionally, you may have time to train full-time, or you can only manage part-time training. Pick a suitable schedule and approach to ensure you dedicate yourself to the training accordingly.

Check the trainers’ qualifications

Ensure industry experts facilitate the training modules and guidance. Digital marketing training should be more practical and less theoretical.

Check the certification body

Apply for digital marketing certification from a recognised institution with industry-respected and acknowledged certification. Anything short of that and your certification won’t mean much.


The present marketing demands and environment make digital marketing certifications worth it. You only need to take the right approach and train in a reputable institution. If you’re looking for some inspiration on your next course, read our blog on the Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses for 2022.

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