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Boots and Fifteen Design collaborate on the Wonderwall

April 18, 2013 - Fifteen

Exhibition Design and Installation Design

When Boots assigned us the task of finding a way to enable feedback from the customer service centre to be displayed and fed to the SMT in an interactive way, there was only one solution. A giant magnetic whiteboard.


The Boots Wonderwall was installed in 4 different locations within the CSS to enable call centre staff to immediately feedback exactly what they were hearing from customers, stores and staff. This enabled the SMT to act on the suggestions and feedback that they were given to drive the business forward and react to the needs of its customers.



The Wonderwalls all had a social media theme and we used colours that complimented the existing decor of the CSS. Making the wall magnetic gave them the ability to stick additional material onto the wall where necessary and we devised as set of magnets that would be used to reward good ideas or comments.


The Wonderwalls were a huge success and the plan is to roll them out across other departments and buildings across the Boots site and even stores across the Uk and Ireland.



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