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October 17, 2013 - Fifteen

Design & Marketing

Having worked on several projects already for Boots, they knew they could rely on us to help with the launch of their Customer Service Centre “One Number” campaign.

The idea was that rather than customers, staff and employees having to call various different phone numbers dependent on their enquiry, the system would be streamlined to just one number for all.


Boots are quite strict with their branding for internal communications…so we chose to ignore them! We were given the brief of creating a campaign like no other and that’s exactly what we did. We came up with the concept of a superhero that had come to save the day by eradicating the other numbers and bringing one number to the staff and customers of Boots. Once we presented our initial concept ideas, branding were quickly on board with our designs and encouraged us to push the boundaries of their usual style.


We designed and illustrated our very own comic book as the centre piece to explain the new one number system and rolled the campaign out across various mediums including post it notes, stickers, life-size cut-outs and even a fully furnished living room with a telephone for people to leave their comments!

This was by far one of favourite projects and we were exceptionally pleased with the final results, as were the whole of the Boots customer service centre.


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