Ciaran Shea joins Fifteen Design for the week

July 12, 2013 - fifteen

ciaran joins us on work experience

Name: Ciaran Shea
AKA: Ciaran
Tattoos: None
Left or right handed: Right
Google image results: None
Weird habit: clicking
Tipple of choice: Diet Coke
Secret skill: I know an awful lot about superheroes
Zombie apocalypse weapon of choice: Crossbow
Favourite movie villain: Hans Gruber
Your phone background: sunset on my street
Rich tea or Digestive: Digestive
Your hero: My Granddad

I’m a year 10 pupil at Dagfa School Nottingham and I’m spending my work experience at Fifteen design working with many members of the team learning about the many different components needed to create a website and lots of other things. My week at Fifteen design has pretty much been split in two, the first half spent learning about the building side, the second half of my week was spent learning about the designing side of a website. Steve, Alex and Michelle have spent a lot of time with me over this week and explained to me all the components of a web site, even with so much work to do they still took the time to talk to me. My week at Fifteen design has really helped me figure out what I’d like to do at college and what I’d like to do as a full time job when I’m older. If I could re-do my work experience week at somewhere else I wouldn’t my week at Fifteen has been really well spent and I’d just like to thank everyone there for being so friendly.

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