Creating a Facebook Page for Your Business

May 19, 2014 - Fifteen

Facebook is an essential marketing tool today, but you have to do more than build it to get your target market to come to visit and like it.

While it is a casual medium and you do best with a more personal, casual tone, Facebook for business needs a solid strategy built on your target market and what your analytics tell you about them.

Let’s look at creating a Facebook page for your business and using it effectively step by step.


Getting started with Facebook

When you first set up your business page, you will first select the broad type of page most suitable for your business.  Most businesses would be a Local Business or Place or a Brand or Product.   Then you will select a more specific category.  Think carefully about how your target audience is likely to think of you.

You’ll then be asked to complete the details for your business.  Again, think strategically and fill in every blank.  Use your best key words where you can, and make sure to include as many ways to contact you as possible, including your website.  If you are a bricks and mortar enterprise, include your hours of operation and don’t overlook the map feature.

Post Content is King

Content is still king just as much on social media as older forms of advertising.  Plan ahead a bit, and prepare to be flexible.  Some businesses don’t plan and leave themselves scrambling and not posting regularly, while others preload posts far in advance then sit back and let the opportunity to post timely status updates pass them by.  Before you really get going, think about the mix of content you’ll need and where you’ll get it.  Don’t over-do the self-promotion.   In addition to posting about sales, specials and other events, share a few light-hearted but relevant jokes.  When you post to your blog, share a link on Facebook as well as your other social media outlets.  Share news articles related to your industry and encourage debate and discussion about them to foster engagement

Connect with your Target Audience

You need to connect to your target audience and build your numbers.  If you already have a good list or blog following, make sure they know you’re on Facebook and make a clear call to action inviting them to like and share your page.  In the early days, especially if your business is new, encourage your social connections to also like and share your page.  Facebook shows the number of likes you have.  Have you ever looked into a nearly empty nightclub and decided to look for a livelier place?  Yep, same on Facebook.  Don’t forget to also promote your Facebook on your other social media outlets as well as your business cards, email signature, blog, website, etc

Monitor your Facebook Analytics

Watch your analytics and adjust your content as necessary.  If you notice a pattern to when people are and are not viewing and liking your posts, tweak your timing.  It really does matter.  Do certain types of posts get the most attention while others are barely noticed?  It’s critical in business to give the people what they want.


Facebook is a powerful tool you can get great use from without paying a cent, so it does not make sense to ignore it.  Go out there and give your audience a chance to like you.

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