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Creating a High Tech Website for iProtect Systems

June 9, 2016 - fifteen

We are happy to tell you about our latest project that has just hit the world wide web, and that is for iProtect Systems a London based company who offer a range of security systems for domestic and business use.

About iProtect Systems

iProtect Systems started off as an IT company, specialising within the security sector, and have moved into offering business and homes across the UK a range of security systems that link up with a wide range of technology available for the general public today.

The team at iProtect Systems pride themselves on their standards and procedures, and work towards offering a first class service for every client, always aiming to provide a solution specific for the clients needs, whether it is business or domestic related.

The task

The task at hand was to create a website that demonstrates the two key sides of the business – Protecting your Home and Protecting your Business, and give the company a professional yet approachable feel with call to actions to encourage users to get in touch at any point of their journey.

The website

The new website allows the company to have a professional curb appeal website with all the bells and whistles and little animations to entertain and assist the user journey through the website, with the main aim to get them to fill out a contact form.

The website is fully responsive, and built using modern design and development techniques, and integrated with WordPress CMS in order to offer the team at iProtect the ability to manage the website moving forward.

One key feature of the website is on the product pages, where the user can search for the latest crime in their area to find out the best security system for them,  the information is pulled through from the Police UK website, and integrated into a clean and functional design, this nifty little feature will help increase the time spent on the pages of the website, and encourage users to get in touch with iProtect to find out more about the products on offer to them, and what they need to protect their home or business.

The websites forms link in with iProtects lead generation system, which allows them to collect information and deal with enquiries.

Who worked on the project?

Ollie Piddubriwnyj – Managing Director
After the initial meeting and project start Ollie worked closely with Sophie and Michelle during the initial design phases to ensure that the website’s look and feel met the client’s expectations.
Sophie Kish – Digital Producer
After attending the project start meeting, Sophie managed the project through the studio, leasing with the client at key stages through the process and keeping on top of the clients expectations with deadlines and general website functionality.

Michelle Moss – Lead Creative
Michelle’s experience in creating cutting edge design, allowed her to create a site that fit iProtect’s strong brand, and their business objectives. Her understanding of user experience and journey was key in this project to ensure that users have the most seamless experience possible.

Pavan Samra – Lead Developer
Pavan’s coding skills allowed us to develop a fully responsive bespoke website for iProtect Systems, and his creative input into CSS animation and the way that the elements of the website are delivered to a user create a fun, modern and interactive website.

Why not take a look at the website, and let us know what you think?

Visit The New iProtect Systems Website

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