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Deadpool Marketing Team Kills It

February 22, 2016 - Fifteen

When it comes to superhero movies it takes a lot to break the mould, especially when you are Ryan Reynolds and your track record is Green Lantern. However there was a different kind of buzz building up to Deadpool and that was due to the geniuses behind their marketing.

To match the brazen and carefree attitude of the anti-hero, the last few months have seen some hilarious pieces of marketing for Deadpool. One our favourites was the marketing team purchasing an entire billboard, just for 3 emojis, causing people to stop and stare for a moment before working out that it’s a billboard for a movie.


However, the best strategy coincided with the movie’s release being the same week as Valentines. A second movie poster was released unlike any of the others. No red suit, no guns, no violence. Instead, there is Ryan Reynolds, Morena Baccarin and a romantic slogan indicating that people should flock to the cinemas this Valentines Day to see the “romantic” movie that is Deadpool. We are not sure how many unsuspecting girlfriends were lured into the movie this way but we find it hilarious all the same.

As well as coming up with unique ideas for the release of the movie, the Deadpool team went one step further and created Deadpool promotional posters that are the same as other very popular movie franchises. They piggybacked off Spiderman’s popular slogan, “with great power comes great responsibility”, and had Deadpool pose in a Spiderman-like fashion. During the Christmas period, there was no rest for Deadpool and their marketing team as they released a poster featuring him wearing a Christmas jumper, keeping the movie at the forefront of everyone’s mind.


As for the movie itself, we would find it difficult writing about the movie’s marketing without mentioning what we thought. So here is a quick breakdown of what we thought about the movie. The highs and the lows. (Caution: Below has a mild SPOILER ALERT….sort of)

The highs:
Some very funny, good action scenes, very entertaining and a great parody of itself and all superhero movies. It does cinema humour in a way that is very crude yet refreshing. Something that really sets it apart from other superhero movies of late.

The lows:
The film follows a typical superhero film layout. He changes, he has heartache, his enemies use his love as his weakness and he has to protect her / get her back. Hopefully, that didn’t give too much away 😉

Overall we loved it and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for something to watch in the cinemas at the minute.

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