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Does Website Spelling and Grammar Affect SEO?

July 8, 2021 - Fifteen

Spelling and grammar are things many people wish they could have left behind in school but unfortunately it is an important part of business life. In the digital world, content writers wrestle with spelling and grammar every day (and would you believe it actually enjoys it) but does a website’s spelling affect SEO? 

The answer is yes and no. Allow us to explain

How Spelling and Grammar Affect SEO

When it comes to ranking content on search engines, all the algorithms are looking for quality content. This means that if you create websites strewn with grammar errors and spelling errors then chances are you won’t be recommended for users. However, this won’t be because a web crawler takes offence to your use of the Oxford comma. No, instead search engines will interpret the bounce rate, low onsite times, and potentially damaging effect spelling errors can have on your traffic.

You’ll also need to consider typos when it comes to keywords. While search engines usually account for semantic variations if you mistype a word you could be missing out on vital keyword rankings. 

Even with these factors, the change is still negligible. Google’s very own John Mueller has aired his thoughts on the matter stating:

“Not really….it is more a matter of how it is received from a user point of view. If you are a banking website and you have terrible English on it, then I assume users will lose trust in your website.”

This brings us to our next section.

How Spelling and Grammar Affect User Experience

While spelling and grammar don’t directly affect SEO, they can greatly affect trust in your brand. A website riddled with mistakes can make users think your site is unprofessional and potentially even dangerous and they’ll vote with their fingers by quickly tapping away and visiting a competitor’s site instead. 

By going through your content with a fine-tooth comb you can get rid of any extraneous errors, sneak in a few keywords, and make sure your copy looks professional and informative. With the sheer volume of websites on the internet, it’s now more important than ever to ensure you’re offering users a high-quality website that builds trust, shows off how good you are at your job, and ultimately converts users. 

If you’re not comfortable with spelling and grammar checks then get some fresh eyes on the site. Ask a colleague, friend, or loved one to take some time and read through your site to see if they can spot any glaring errors. If you’d like a professional’s opinion then consider working with a specialist content team who can help you not only get rid of any errors but streamline your copy to improve SEO, capture new keywords, and motivate users to convert on your site.

At Fifteen, we work with clients to create exciting digital strategies that improve their visibility and conversion rates. If you’re looking for some help developing your site, developing an online marketing strategy, or just need a hand crossing t’s and dotting i’s then contact Fifteen today. We have years of experience working in online marketing and can provide you with handy advice, reliable support, and award-winning digital marketing services.

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