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December 19, 2013 - Fifteen

Website Design Nottingham

When we were approached by Toy HQ to design and create their new website we were thrilled. We won’t beat around the bush, we are massive fans of anything superhero especially Iron-Man and Batman! Our brief was to create a site which was not only easier to user for the customer, but also for Toy HQ to use when creating products and processing orders. 



We got to work on a complete user experience for the website. Some of these products come with a hefty price tag so it was key to keep customers on the site without bouncing. We created a ‘choose your alter-ego’ experience where customers can choose from an Iron-Man, Robocop, Superman or Batman theme throughout the site. When you click on your chosen Superhero the set of slides will change to the franchise and the background will fade out to create a suitable backdrop. For example, when you choose Iron-Man, the background will change to a New York cityscape and you can view products of Iron-Man, Midas Iron-Man and The Mandarin.




The website is build as a responsive design, so when viewed on the tablet or a smartphone, the site will restructure to give the user the best experience. Online retail is massive and is becoming easier to do on a mobile device by the day, so it was important that we added this feature to the Toy HQ website to make sure they don’t miss important sales due to customers being unable to use the site.




Because the products that Toy HQ sell are so intricate and detailed, it was best fitting to make each product page match! Each product has it’s own gallery documenting every angle of the item. As well as a short product description and full specification, there is a ‘whats in the box’ area which makes sure customers know exactly what they’re getting with their purchase. Many of the products are pre-orders so the ‘add to basket’ area is built to cater for these particular item, taking payment in a much more streamlined way than Toy HQ previously had. This area is also built to follow the user down the page, so that even on long scrolling pages, the user can make their purchase at any time.

This CMS build ensures that the team at Toy HQ can easily manage their products and promotions themselves, with new products coming out all the time they have to keep up with the supply and demand. Their social presence is also key to their customer relationships so we have installed a social wall on their site that pulls in their feeds from Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.




Our website design nottingham services include bespoke e-commerce design and The Toy HQ website is one of the biggest e-commerce websites we’ve worked on to date and we’re proud to launch it today. If you are interested in a new website for you, get in touch with us today!

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