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Facebook Vs. Snapchat: Slideshow

July 29, 2016 - fifteen

As Snapchat continues to dominate the online social networking platforms, Facebook is stepping up. After the success of its Livestream feature, Facebook is rolling out a new toy for users – Slideshow.

Similar to Snapchat’s ‘story’, Slideshow will allow users to post a compilation of photos and videos highlighting their moments of each day.

Users who take more than five photos or videos in a day will be prompted to create a slideshow, compiling their favourite photos and videos in an engaging presentation format.

For those yet to have a go, a ‘try it’ suggestion will be available when viewing a friend’s slideshow – so expect usage to snowball dramatically over the weeks after its release.

The feature has been toted as Facebook’s answer to Snapchat, a leap forward for the platform and the precursor for an eventual push into virtual reality (for more on virtual reality, see here).

Each slideshow can be customised with an array of music and presentation options including theme filters. Birthdays, Tropical, Bollywood, Nostalgic…the filters can bring a much needed vibrancy to your post.

Facebook’s algorithm is tailored towards sparser postings, so creating a slideshow with all your content rolled into one vital post is perfect, and ensures all your desired content is favoured on consumers’ newsfeeds.

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