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Festive Tips: Boost Your Email Marketing Campaigns This Christmas

December 7, 2020 - Fifteen

Christmas is a make or break time of year for retailers to drive revenue, which makes it crucial to plan in advance. The benefits you can reap from a successful Christmas period are insane, which explains why marketing teams start planning for Christmas in summer!

Boost your email marketing performance this festive season with our five seasonal tips and tricks.

Increase the Frequency & Broaden the Segmentations

Email marketing isone of the most important channels for driving revenue, this is only amplified at christmas. Therefore it’s only right to increase the amount you’re sending and broaden the audience that’s receiving it. 

Due to inboxes becoming more crowded during December you should be sending 5 times as many emails to usual. However it’s important to keep an eye out on unsubscribe rates and that engagement rates don’t drop.

Use Persuasion to Increase Conversion

There’s a variety of Christmas specific persuasion tactics that can be used by email marketers to encourage opens and click throughs. FOMO – fear of missing out is a great tactic to use during the christmas period when subscribers are already in buying modes. 

There are many other tactics that are effective, such as teasers, magic questions, loss aversion, direct approach and personalisation.

Building a sense of urgency is also a really effective tactic which can be done through time-specific offers. By applying a live countdown timer and season discount codes you can increase urgency, engagement and conversions. 

Wordplay and Christmas Emojis

Getting creative with your subject lines can really make a difference as to whether someone clicks on your email or not, especially with the increase in inbox competition. Cut through the noise with festive puns, witty wordplay and anything that makes your email stand out.  

Using festive emojis are a great, quick win, tactic to stand out in the mailbox as subscribers are more inclined to open an email with an emoji in the subject line. 

Target Previous Christmas Buyers & Use Rewards

You should always create an audience of just the subscribers who purchased last Christmas and send them targeted emails. Amazingly a huge number of companies aren’t already individually targeting their most lucrative subscribers. 

Retaining loyalty and nurturing customer relationships is extremely important and therefore you should add personalised messages to show you appreciate them. Equally you should also be pushing tiered end of year rewards to customers depending on their loyalty. 

Seasonal Giveaways & Christmas Competitions

Open rates and engagement are massively increased by giveaways and competitions. Christmas is a busy and expensive time of the year meaning subscribers are more inclined to engage with promotions or the chance to win a free prize.

Hopefully these festive tips and ideas have helped inspire you to push to that next level with your Christmas email marketing campaigns. The digital world is ever changing so it’s important to keep an eye on what your competitors are doing. It’s also important to look out on what the tops brands are doing with their innovative email marketing ideas. Remember it’s ok to use other brands, ideas, visuals and savvy messaging and put your own spin on it!

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