Fifteen Design go bowling!

February 25, 2014 - fifteen

It’s been a very busy couple of weeks in the office and we all felt that we needed to have a bit of a celebration of all the hard work we’ve been doing and have some fun.


So off we went to the bowling alley for a couple of games. It ended up being the boys vs the girls and it was a tight competition!

Obviously Ollie’s natural bowling skills came out with strike after strike accompanied by celebratory press ups and Lofty’s ex-bowls champion qualities were revealed too. Lucy surprised herself by being able to score points without putting the barriers up and Michelle was shocked to be on the medal list twice! Tom turned out to be Ollie’s closest rival with his own row of strikes and Asher… well, Asher’s performance was hindered slightly by the splitting of his jeans. Ooops.


The results were:

Game 1

Gold – Ollie
Silver – Tom
Bronze – Michelle

Game 2

Gold – Michelle
Silver – Ollie
Bronze – Lofty

Asher won a special medal for his achievements in split trousers.


The night was completed with a delicious curry that we all enjoyed so much we were struggling to move after! Look out for the next Fifteen Design social report coming soon…


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