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Fifteen Friday – Live Blogging!

December 16, 2016 - Fifteen

Welcome to a ‘day in the life’ of the Fifteen offices. In the lead up to the 2017 UK blog awards we’ve been hosting blog week – five days packed with information: from insights on how blogging can really help your business, tips on pushing your content marketing strategy in front of your consumers, through to advice on how to secure yourself a guest speaker position in your industry.

The working week is finishing with Fifteen Live Blog – you’ll get to hear the thoughts of everyone as they navigate their workload through the excitement of Christmas Jumper Day, hear some facts from our experts, and see behind-the-scenes as we organise our weekly Fifteen Friday.

5pm –Alex 

From cobs to coffee and Bourbons on the side,
Our festive countdown to Santa’s sleigh ride.
Traffic updates live from the gridlocked M1,
And Christmas jumpers on (almost) everyone.
We hope you enjoyed Fifteen’s live blogging,
And all the updates we have been logging.
But five PM is our Friday home time,
So it’s adieu ’til we’re next on the line.


4:30pm- India

This afternoon I’ve been working on some Inbound Marketing strategies (if you don’t know much about Inbound you can familiarise yourself here) with our partners Hubspot. Creating buyer personas is always fun – you get to pick the most interesting examples from your customer base!

4:00pm – Mark 

Deep into outreach opportunities still this afternoon – and getting very familiar with some unusual websites. There’s a good opening for a thought leadership article to position a client in an online publication, so I’m following that up to flesh out some content ideas. (Also I had a packet of crisps at lunch, which meant I didn’t exactly stick to my low carb plans…)

3:30pm – Office Update

Over the past week we have been having an office revamp, opening up new spaces for our ever expanding team!img_0818

3:00pm – Julie

This afternoon is arguably one of my most important tasks – making sure the staff get paid on time for Christmas! I know there are a few team members that are guilty of leaving their shopping until last minute; they’d be less than happy if it wasn’t done! My desk is conveniently located below the office Christmas countdown, so I’m full of the festive feeling.


2:40pm – Lofty

After a long and traffic-jamming journey back from Birmingham, I’ve come to the office after a successful meeting. Feeling bad for Sophie who drew the short straw in the race back to the office! I’m going to get the notes collated and typed and then I can start on amending the handful of web pages we had some feedback on. Of course, rocking the Christmas Jumper too!

2:00pm – Mikey

Fifteen Email finished and sent out, now we as a development team are spending time looking through a client brief and thinking out the technical specifications. Interesting things are coming for this project!

1:30pm – Lucy

Ticked 3 to-dos off today’s list so far, it must be the Christmas song playlist spurring me on. I’m now on to designing the corporate literature for a client’s rebrand we are currently working on. It’s great to see everything coming together so all design is consistent and providing a more professional image for the company.

1:00pm – India

Lunch break is in sight! Before I head out of the office I’m pulling a summary together from this morning’s call with our Google Strategist to send out to our clients – making sure that everyone is up-to-date with the latest trends in the mobile market.

Mobile now accounts for 36.1% of all digital advertising, so it’s a device you really need to be utilising. Did you know that we check our phones on average 150 times per day? That’s a lot of chances to push your brand in front of the consumer.

12:30pm – Pav

I’ve just sent out a marketing email for Paragon PLC about their competition to win a FitBit by watching their fun mannequin challenge! All you have to do is count how many times their CEO Alan Hardy appears in the video! http://www.paragonplc.com/

12:00pm – India

It’s Fifteen Friday time! Getting the team together for a weekly photo can be a task in itself – between running for the phone, tearing the developers away from their keyboards and last minute toilet dashes, it can take a while to assemble.

Everyone’s ready on the sofa’s now, and waiting for me! I better go quickly before we lose some again…


11:30am – Alexandra

The day is in full swing for me! I’ve been living on our socials this morning, posting all about this live blog, as well as preparing our weekly Fifteen newsletter. I’m now set to go on working on a potential clients social proposal. Socials are so important to bring awareness, sales, traffic and more benefits for brands.

Did you know that consumer time spent on mobile is now significantly higher at 51% compared to desktop at 42%? This means that we need to make sure that social media adverts need to be optimisied for mobile, and be more interactive than ever! It’s all very exciting as socials are always developing, improving and becoming more innovative.


On the dot for elevensies! A few chocolate Bourbons go well with a coffee from Josh, our Digital Producer. Josh is the Brew King at Fifteen. I don’t know what his secret recipe is (probably far too much sugar & three anti-clockwise stirs) but his Mocha’s are addictive.

10:30am – Josh

How is it 10.30 already!? Alex’s Cob Club got me off to a great start and I’ve been buried in a Project Scope ever since. I need to get it delivered by this afternoon.

The Project Scope is an important follow-up to a Project Start meeting with the client, and outlines all the deadlines they can expect. Delivering one is really satisfying – it means the ball is really starting to get rolling!

10am – Mikey

Chris, our resident email expert is off today, so I’m working on a Fifteen Email this morning, something I’ve not done in quite some time, so it should be a nice learning exercise! I’m also trying to sort out the details for a website to be launched next week, liaising with a client and their host through Josh, our Production Co-ordinator. Other than that, I’m looking forward to grabbing an energy drink at lunch.



Michelle here. Today I’m working on some wireframes for a Charity website that looks to build and strengthen local communities. A very interesting project that also has a back-end log in area for members to access and share information with other members across the UK. Wireframes are a vital part of user experience planning when mapping out various user journeys around your website. Wireframes can be used as a tool to help to channel users to visit the areas of the website that you want them to see and also allow them to access the information they require quickly and easily. The wireframe planning process gives both the creative team and the client a solid foundation of how the website will perform before entering the design stage and it also makes for easy tweaking to get it just right.

9.20am – Alex

#liveblog is in operation! Friday morning sausage/bacon/egg cobs have been distributed around the office. Productivity and cholesterol levels are predicted to rise….








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