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September 11, 2013 - fifteen

Fifteen Design and Richard Whitehead

When we heard Nottingham-born Paralympic gold medallist, Richard Whitehead would be starting part of his “40 Marathons in 40 Days” just round the corner from our offices, we just had to go down to show our support. With friend of Fifteen Design, David Baird photographing Richards run, we obviously rang and asked if there was anything we could bring to make their trip more enjoyable? David simply replied “Mugs. Bring mugs”. So we obliged! We all know the importance of a good cuppa to start the day and with the weather getting wetter and windier, we knew that it was down to us to ensure that the team had decent receptacles to drink from.

We wished Richard and the rest of his supporting team all the best on their journey and hope that theFifteen Design Mugs help him along his way to raising money for charity.

Fifteen Design and Richard Whitehead

If you want to help support Richard and learn more about this amazing achievement then visit his website

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