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FIFTEEN REBRAND: We Are Now Sixteen!

April 1, 2016 - fifteen

After 13 years of Fifteen Design, we’ve decided we need a refresh, and a rebrand. As a multiple award-winning brand, web and marketing agency, we have decided to update our company name and brand to reflect the great work we’ve been doing.

“I really feel that Fifteen, or rather Sixteen, have taken our company to a whole new level recently, and this rebrand highlights that,” says Managing Director Ollie Piddubriwnyj. “With the expansion of our staff and capabilities, it was clear to me that a rebrand was due.”

Ollie is, of course, talking about the increase in numbers of our team in the past year – seven in total. We now have double the number of web developers, a fully-fledged digital marketing team, and a new Client Services Director.

“Sixteen is one better than Fifteen, so hopefully our clients will understand that we are even better than before now,” Ollie reports.

It’s true, too. Last year we were nominated for 19 awards, of which we won 14. Sixteen are constantly improving, and this new rebrand helps showcase that.

We’ve not actually changed anything other than the name, though. In keeping with our previous brand identity, the green colour scheme remains the same, with our logo being updated subtly to incorporate the new company name. We’re very much the same digital agency we were before, just even better.

But, how much better? What is the scale on which we measure our success? When asked, Ollie gave us a very clear answer.

“It’s 16 out of 10,” says Ollie. “We’ve always been better than the best, but now we’re even better. 6.66% better, to be precise.”

So, what do you think of our rebrand? Do you like the new name? Maybe you think it’s too good to be true?

We’d love to know what you think. Leave a comment below!

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