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Fifteen, Taking Centre Court

July 21, 2015

With Wimbledon fever in the air, Fifteen decided to make the most of our table tennis table and have our very own competition.

The result was the ‪2015 #‎FifteenLove Championship that you’ve been seeing for the past few weeks! What better way to have some fun in the office than channelling our inner Novak Djokovices and Serena Williamses? Now that Wimbledon is over, it’s time to look back over the tournament!

Round 1

The tournament got off to a rousing start with Pavan Vs Natalie. Pavan took to the court with confidence, smashing through Natalie’s defences. The net was hit more than a few times by both sides but in the end, Pavan gained a commanding victory.

Next came the battle of the beards as Adam and Chris took to the court. Tensions were high and Chris had Adam on the run throughout the match while he remained steadfast in the centre of the court. This excellent strategy quickly put Chris into Round 2!

The final match of Round 1 was between boss man Ollie and Raph! The bravado on both sides was strong but in record time, Raph was defeated. As the tournament progressed, the rivalry between Ollie and Raph continued as a grudge match was sought. The tournament really brought out the competitive side in many of our contestants!

Round 2

Pavan once again started off the round, this time against Kathy! The competition was fierce and the ball was barely on the table. In the end, the victory once again went to Pavan!

Next up was Dom Vs Chris in arguably the first evenly matched contest of the tournament. Both wanted to reach the semi-finals, but as with Pavan, Chris once again smashed his way to victory.

Match 3 was between Lucy and Ollie. After a few poor shots, the pace stepped up and Ollie smashed the ball at a speed hitherto unknown in the tournament. The ferocity made it difficult for Lucy to fight back and Ollie brought it home to reach the semi-finals!

The final match of Round 2 saw Sophie Vs Michelle. A lot of skill was on show as the ball spent quite a bit of time sitting with the Macs and hitting the ceiling or the net. When the dust had settled, Michelle walked away with the victory!


The Semi-Finals began with Pavan Vs Michelle! Cool, calm, and collected Pav took down Michelle quickly, knocking the final woman out of the tournament much to the annoyance of the office. There was still hope for Michelle though as she’d be back later for the battle for third place!

The next Semi-Final saw Ollie Vs Chris. Another evenly matched contest but one filled with way too many nets to show off the level of skill on display. Despite this, Ollie stormed to victory!

Third Place

The fight for third place was fierce. The designers were ready with their banners to support Michelle and she really put up a fight against Chris. Then Ollie sidled in with his paper beard and Raph’s animated banner rolled giving Chris just the edge he needed to beat Michelle to third place!


Then it was time for the final! Tensions were high, the energy was strong, and the whole team gathered round to witness the momentous battle between Ollie and Pavan. The shots came fast and fierce, flying all over the table. It was too close to call until Ollie finally brought it home to win the trophy.

final winners

The victors decided, the tournament was finally over just as the finals at Wimbledon took place. Ollie really is our own Novak Djokovic! Considering how much fun we all had, we’ll have to make sure to bring the ‪#‎FifteenLove Championship back for 2016! We’re going to have to get the practice in if any of us stand a chance of beating Ollie!

You can catch up with the matches on our YouTube Channel:

Written By: Richard Kish




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