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The Power of Bing

June 19, 2016 - Fifteen

Bing may not be the search-engine giant, but its steady growth in market share over the past few years has made it a platform not to be ignored.

Is your advertising campaign missing out?

The benefits of Bing are enormous, if you have the right campaign. With cheaper cost-per-clicks and less bidding competition on keywords, your brand could quickly (and affordably) push itself into the public eye.

Bing’s demographic is aimed at the over 35 – if that’s your target audience, then the platform is too lucrative to ignore.

Take a look at some of the vital marketing facts from the search-engine:

Bing’s has 765 million monthly searches, with over 18% of the search site market.

Bing Ads is enjoying a 6% yearly increase in spend and a massive 157% increase in impressions.

Reach people on a variety of devices, including the Xbox and Kindle Fire.

Bing Shopping campaigns enjoy on average a 45% greater click-through-rate than text-based ads.


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If you’re interested in marketing on Bing, then speak to one of our certified specialists today.

Or why not enter our competition to win a free Bing set-up and £100 credit? Deadline 18th September.

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