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Fifteen’s Favourites: Christmas Adverts 2015

December 11, 2015 - Fifteen

We all love Christmas here at Fifteen, and there is nothing like a good Christmas advert to get us all into the spirit!

Here are Fifteen’s favourite Christmas Adverts this year:


Lloyds Bank and Apple Pay TV advert – #loveyoutothestars  

Why is it my favourite?

It’s just ridiculously sweet, isn’t it? And if you can’t have a bit of syrupy sentimentality at Christmas, when can you?


BBC – Sprout Boy meets a Galaxy of Stars

Why is it my favourite?

This is the only Christmas advert this year that exists purely to tell a story, and spread Christmas cheer. It’s a good example of great content marketing.

I also like the “Pixar” approach to it. What if brussels sprouts had feelings? I hate sprouts, and this advert made me feel bad about myself for it. Any piece of marketing that gets an emotional response is a good one.


Argos Christmas #JustCantWait

Why is it my favourite?

If they actually filmed everyone riding down the mountain that would have been awesome to make! 


House of Fraser Christmas Advert 2015 – #YourRules

Why is it my favourite?

I think its great because it covers all ages. No matter what age you are, this advert encourages you to be individual and enjoy yourself!

Lofty & Dom

Aldi – Telescope Christmas Advert

Why is it Lofty’s favourite?

The Aldi ad is fantastic because it was such a quick reaction to one of the most anticipated adverts this Christmas. Taking only ten days from script to launch, it is a great example of agile marketing and most of all, it’s hilarious! As much as I enjoyed the John Lewis advert, this one is my favourite.

Why is it Dom’s favourite?

I like this advert because it took the mick out of the John Lewis one and it made me laugh. The grandad got a choice of gifts, not just the telescope!


ASDA – #becauseitschristmas

Why is it my favourite? 

It’s fun and jolly. It captures every element of Christmas and reminds me that it’s okay to have a nap on Christmas day.


Lidl School of Christmas

Why is it my favourite? 

The Lidl one has also taught me that you can cook sprouts/peas/carrots… anything that needs a boil in the kettle.
It’s like Christmas for dummies.


John Lewis Advert #ManOnTheMoon

Why is it my favourite?

It’s so CHRISTMAS!!!!


Cadbury Christmas 2015

Why is it my favourite?

As a chocolate lover who has three Cadbury advent calendars this year, this was a winning advert for me. It made me feel really Christmassy and I’m still looking out for the Cadbury lorries!!


Kwik Fit – A Christmas Surprise

Why is it my favourite?

This is my favourite Christmas advert because it reminds me of the joy on my children’s faces when they see their presents on Christmas morning.


Coca-Cola Christmas Advert 

Why is it my favourite?

Because I love Diet Coke, and it’s not Christmas without this advert!


Sainsbury’s Mogs Christmas Calamity

Why is it my favourite?

As a cat lover, the Sainsbury’s Christmas Advert took me straight away. The messaging behind the advert is great – everyone helps each other at Christmas, and the fact that it is based off a children’s book is also a great idea. It promotes reading to kids and has proven really popular with many children and adults across the UK! This is up there as one of my all time favourite adverts (next to the Coca-Cola advert of course!)

Sven & Raph

EDEKA Heimkomment Advert

Why is it Sven’s favourite?

While I normally prefer Christmas adverts that have a bit of humour involved I couldn’t not choose this as my favourite, as the message “Weihnachten ist Heimkommen” is spot on. Christmas is about going home and it reminds me of my Christmas’ in Germany with all the family round the table, no matter how far you have to travel, Christmas is about family.

Why is it Raph’s favourite?

I like that advert because it put out a clear message that Christmas is a time to cherish/be with your family. You never know what could happen…

We are all in the Christmassy mood here after watching all these adverts, and can’t wait for our Christmas party next week!

What are your favourite Christmas Adverts? Tweet us and let us know!

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