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Fifteen’s Most Read Of 2016

December 27, 2016 - fifteen

We’ve plundered Google Analytics to discover our five most popular posts from 2016. Maybe this will give us insight into the top trends of the year, or show who’s the most popular member of the team? Let’s find out.

1. Google Adwords Update: Table Extensions

“Being a Google Partner, we occasionally receive a little bit of insider knowledge about the new features that Google release. Table extensions are the latest rollout from Google in the Adwords world that has got us all talking… Table extensions will allow you to create a table underneath your ad, displaying the price for your products or services.”

The most popular post for the year – by some way – was our in-depth look at the update to Google Adwords.

2. Kate Crowther – The New Girl

We have a new addition to our team! Kate Crowther has recently joined the Fifteen team as our new Client Services Director. She’s now in charge of overseeing our digital projects from start to finish, ensuring that all of our clients’ needs are met.”

Second was news of Kate joining us. We’re almost certain that this post ranks so highly is due to the fact that Kate spammed friends and family on Facebook with the link. Or it could have been the PR coverage the post received. (Probably the spam.) Read more about when Kate joined Fifteen.

3. Graphic Design Career Path and Progression

“What is Graphic Design? Graphic design is using images and lettering to communicate information and ideas. What are the Hours Like? Typically, 37 hours a week, Monday to Friday. Extra hours are to be expected when deadlines draw near. What Will I Be Doing? Working on a variety of products, which will involve lots of sitting and long periods of working on a computer.

Yep, our handy guide to getting into graphic design proved very popular. If you missed it, or know someone who is into design, have a read and share it with them.

4. Femme fatale: the elegant art of a physical hacker

“With a wry, almost boastful smile, Holly describes her job as ‘breaking into buildings’. We assume she’s joking until she explains that she is a ‘physical hacker’ – when programming experts like Gary have exhausted the possibilities of cracking passwords or corrupting code to gain access to a secure system, Holly does it the old-fashioned way. She sneaks in.”

Web developer Alex wrote this excellent post on how looks can deceive when it comes to imaging the typical computer hacker.

5. Raising the Roof for Elsie’s Attic

“Elsie’s Attic is a clothing company, which specialises in selling a range of women’s clothes and accessories including vintage dresses and high fashion statement necklaces (many of which the girls at Fifteen are eyeing up for future purchases). Elsie’s approached us a few months into launching their previous website, with concerns that it wasn’t fulfilling their needs, or their customers. The company aspire to be the next ASOS, and already have celebrities such as Lorraine Kelly, Stacey Solomon and Jodie Marsh wearing their items, they have a great social following which includes over 445,000 Facebook likes!”

Finally, coming in at number 5 was a look at what we did for Elsie’s Attic – and their fabulous new site.

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