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Forget about Generation Y. It’s Now All About Generation C.

November 8, 2016 - Fifteen

Why Should We Forget About The Millennials?

In marketing, you will repeatedly hear the term, Generation Y or Millennials. This consumer group focuses on those who were born between 1977 and 2000, and are often known for being digital savvy and early adopters of new technology.

The problem with this consumer label, is that you don’t have to be born within those certain years to be a frequent user of social media or technology. The older generation, who are also known as the baby boomers, are tapping into the digital world, more than we may assume.

Who Are Generation C?

This is where the newer term, Generation C, comes in. In simple terms, we are talking about the ‘Connected Consumer’. For once it’s a consumer group that isn’t focused around socioeconomic, ethnic, geographical or age factors. This consumer group is focusing on their lifestyle and mindset. To be classed as someone who is connected, this could be that you’re collaboratively connected, community connected, a content creator or computer savvy. Whatever way, they will be integrating technology into their daily routine.

The perfect example of this is, Baddie Winkle. Helen, who is better known as Baddie, is 88 years old, and as the media puts it, she has been ‘slaying since 1928’. She has become a social media sensation, with her regularly posting on social channels, wearing eccentric clothes, promoting marijuana and using her tag line of “Stealing Your Man Since 1928”.

Most recently Missguided, the women’s fashion brand, has collaborated with Baddie. Missguided have filmed a promotional video, shot a look book and written several articles with Baddie, as part of a new campaign. We don’t know exactly why Missguided have decided to do this, but either, they are wanting more older people to be shopping with them, or simply because their current consumers are absolutely loving Baddie’s style and attitude.

How To Market To Generation C

Whether your brand is focusing on reaching the younger generation, or the older generation, you will want to be marketing to Generation C, they are now everywhere.

There will be different ways to talk to the different age groups within Generation C, but you will want to start by marketing on social media.

However, you will need to be a little more strategic, as these guys won’t fall for click-bait, and will often steer away from basic ads. To get them to interact, it needs to be entertaining, shareable, and potentially become viral.

They love all things visual, whether that’s videos, or a gif, or a really great meme. Avoid using too much text, but if you do use text, make sure it’s punchy and memorable.

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