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Funnel Analysis: Here’s what you need to know

October 19, 2021

When it comes to tracking user engagement, nothing compares to the clarity of funnel analysis. Perhaps you can’t seem to figure out what area of your content is generating leads. Or maybe you’re losing track of the path users are taking on your website. These issues are resolved through the use of this handy tool. Today we will find out exactly what funnel analysis is, and how it can enhance your tracking of leads.

Let’s get straight into it…

What is Funnel Analysis?

Before we look at the benefits of funnel analysis for your business, we must first understand what it actually is. 

Funnel analysis is the process of mapping the steps that visitors take on the road to a conversion. The whole idea of it is that once a user is in the ‘funnel’, they can be led to a specific goal. In many cases a conversion

Many businesses capitalise on funnel analysis and have a clear picture of the steps visitors are taking on their website. Allowing them to adjust their business to best achieve success. 

Perhaps one of your pages contains unclear information, or maybe the text is too difficult to read. The tool allows you to act on the weak links of your business.

Ultimately, the aim of funnel analysis is to increase your conversion rate.

Funnel Analysis


How can I use Funnel Analysis?

Google analytics is the most effective way to conduct funnel analysis. Google analytics defines the act of a conversion or sale as a ‘goal’. As long as your pages are being tracked using Google analytics, you can identify the exact steps users are taking to end up at that goal. 

Once you have set up this insightful tool, you can view the funnel visualisation in Google Analytics. You will have a display of the purchases that are being made on particular days. As well as a chart filled with the steps users are taking on the road to a goal. 

Overall, the funnel analysis tool of Google Analytics is incredibly powerful and effective. You will be able to use the tool to make adjustments which benefit your business in multiple ways.

What are the benefits?

You can identify pages which are driving conversions.

  • With knowledge of the exact pages which are driving or decreasing conversions, you can make alterations to those pages. Optimise these pages to make the next step of the conversion seamless for them. 

Funnel analytics insights can influence other areas of your website

  • Perhaps you are finding that many of the pages throwing off conversions have something in common. These pages may contain no headings, or maybe there are no visuals on these pages. Other pages on your website could be suffering from the same faults. Thus, negatively affecting your organic SEO. Therefore, you can make adjustments to these pages based on the insights you’ve gained from it.

Funnel analysis leads to drastically higher profits

  • When conducted correctly, it can give you insights which ultimately increase profits. With these insights, a snowball effect will be created which creates a seamless path for visitors. At the end of this path will be the best chance of a conversion.   

Clearly, funnel analysis is a valuable weapon. It allows any business to understand the path visitors are taking on your website. Here at Fifteen, we are fluent in all areas of conversions and SEO. Contact us today to discover how we can help your business reach its full potential.




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