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Global Branding: Coca-Cola is Left With a Bitter Taste

June 16, 2016 - Fifteen

Coca-Cola has fallen from grace. The fizzy drinks giant has slipped out of BrandZ’s annual top 10 global brand list, despite a new ‘Taste the Feeling’ marketing campaign launched in February.

As you would expect, the top 10 is technology-heavy. Giants like Google and Apple have the digital resources to stay ahead of the competition and keep their brand firmly in the public eye.

Here’s a look at the 2016 list:

  1. Google (Technology)
  2. Apple (Technology)
  3. Microsoft (Technology)
  4. AT&T (Telecome Providers)
  5. Facebook (Technology)
  6. VISA (Payments)
  7. Amazon (Retail)
  8. Verizon (Telecome Providers)
  9. McDonalds (Fast Food)
  10. IBM (Technology)

Digital Marketing is a huge factor in a brand’s influence. Below, Fifteen look at some our favourite ways in which members of the top 10 have optimised themselves online.


#1 Google

“Just Google it.” – In 2006 the word Google was added to the Oxford English Dictionary, firmly establishing the search-engine as a cultural icon. The creation of Google’s holding company Alphabet has allowed the company to explore many more technological avenues and increased the excitement around the company’s future investments.

Google’s success comes from the fact that it is so much more than a search-engine. Gmail, Android, Maps, Adwords, Analytics, Fiber…the features it offers are endless. Plus, as the number one search engine, any brand wishing for a strong online presence has to go through Google. You can’t get a stronger self-marketing model than that.


#4 AT&T

AT&T understand the importance of conversation around a brand. The telecommunications business has placed an emphasis on their social media interaction over the past few years.

On Twitter the @ATTcustomercares account drastically changed strategy, adopting the shortened twitter handle @ATTcares to reflect this. Instead of using the platform to almost solely apologise to disgruntled customers they focused on increased marketing messages, leading to a huge 45% decrease in negative conversation around the brand.


#5 Facebook

The brand that connects everyone has earnt itself a spot in the top 10. With the creation of apps to rival Snapchat and Apple’s Facetime, the company has seen a 44% brand increase in the past year. The release of Oculus Rift has allowed Facebook to stay ahead of the curve with consumers, both in the gaming industry and the wider market.



VISA’s spot in the top 10 has been secured by the brand’s focus on ‘innovative transaction experiences.’ In 2015 VISA renewed its lucrative contract with the NFL for a further five years, with plans to award exclusive services for fans. Its Team Visa Rio program supports more than 30 Olympic and Paralympic athletes provided a huge amount of exposure for the company.

Their tagline ‘Everywhere you want to be,’ which is pushed across their social media, is supported by deals like credit card exclusivity at Costco.


#7 Amazon

What began as a conquest to be crowned number one online bookseller, has evolved into so much more. Amazon tops the retail top 20 global report, with a brand value of $377 billion.

Amazon prides itself as a ‘consumer centric’ company – embodied by the advancement of Amazon Prime. Once simply a loyalty scheme, the service has grown to include services like video streaming, music, cloud storage, e-book libraries…with a range of new services to be added in the pipeline. The creation of ‘Prime Day’, an exclusive online sale for Prime members, has been so successful that the event outstrips the company’s Black Friday sales.


#9 McDonalds

In a world of diet-conscious consumers, McDonalds has had to shake off its fast-food image with a more positive association. The company already has one of the most powerful taglines in brand history – I’m lovin’ it.

Their online ‘imlovinit24’ campaign was the largest single-day activation in the brand’s history (24 gifts of joy. 24 cities. 24 hours). Social media engagement has also been handled successfully with the “Our food. Your questions.” initiative, which reached out to customers aiming to answer all questions transparently – building a trust in the brand.


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