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Google AdWords – Can You Afford Not To Use Them?

June 7, 2016 - Fifteen

The Pay-Per-Click service can seem daunting but with an immediate return on investment, it’s a platform not to be ignored.

Google AdWords is an advertising service, a form of Pay-Per-Click, for companies looking to display their adverts on Google. AdWords is flexible, allowing users to set a budget for their advertising and only pay when people directly click the ads.

Pay-Per-Click can seem like the more complex of the digital marketing strategies but for many companies, the success and return on investment far outstrips softer forms of advertising like social media.

Why should you use AdWords?

There’s a measurable return on investment. Compared to your other digital marketing strategies, where you may have to wait months for a visible growth, PPC offers a tangible result which can be seen immediately.

You control the budget. Google Adwords let’s you set your bid price and daily limit, so you’ll never overspend. With a daily budget allowance of as little as £1, even the smallest companies have a chance to compete in the market.

You only pay for interaction. TV, Radio, print publications…for a considerable cost, your advert runs the risk of turning into white noise amongst today’s media. With PPC instead, you’re only paying when a customer clicks through onto your website. Meaning you can be assured that the message you’ve paid for, hasn’t been missed.

It’s an immediate start and stop. Set up your account and publish your advert in a matter of minutes. And if an Ad you’re running looks like it’s underperforming? Pause it at the touch of a button without investing another penny.

AdWords is an incredibly flexible platform. Tailor every part of your advert to hit the right audience – from setting a radius, to targeting a specific age range demographic, even to ensuring the advert is only live during working office hours


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