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Google Adwords: The Shake-Up

June 29, 2016 - Fifteen

A little change can make a lot of difference. Google has given its Adwords format a much-needed dose of TLC and made some vital tweaks that could see your profits rise.

First of all, came the new palette. The ‘ad tab’ is now green, replacing the previous yellow design that appeared in search results. Technology experts have been playing with colour responses for years. The green is considered a greater call for action and blends much more coherently with the green site-URL, making the ad appear more like an organic search result.

And now Google has announced they’re giving you more words to play with.

Expanded text ads will soon be available, giving your nearly twice the amount of words to play with.


The current 25-35-35 line format will be dropped:







And replaced with two 30-character headlines, one 80-character description line and an automatically extracted domain URL.






But what impact will this have on your Adwords campaign?

Greater depth = greater visibility. Google announced that early testing of the expanded ads saw a 20% increase in click-through-rates.

And what about the campaigns you already have in place?

They’ll need a little sparkle over we’re afraid! Adwords will automatically adapt your current ads to the new format, so don’t worry they’ll still run – but if you don’t update them you’ll be at a disadvantage compared to your competitors!

Need us to help you plan for the new format? Give one of our team a call today.

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