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Growing Goodwill with the Logi Analytics Mailer

March 5, 2020

The Brief & Vision:

Logi analytics approached Fifteen at the back of 2019, looking for a creative agency to help them with a 2020 New Year mailer. 

They had a fixed budget to work to, but weren’t sure what to do, or what direction they wanted to go with, they just knew that their messaging had to be around “helping you to grow”. 

The mailer needed to be sent to a range of current customers across the globe, so we needed to come up with something transportable, had a great opening experience and helped deliver their key message. 

Unlike standard mailers, this mailer wasn’t to gain more business or grow the customer base, it was an opportunity to reach out to key clients, and give them a token of appreciation for working with them over the last year (how lovely is that?!).

About Logi Analytics:

Logi Analytics has just started their 20th year of business, and their main aim is to help web developers produce data reports inside their web builds. The platform helps companies embed dashboards and reports into a range of applications. 

 With 3 offices across the globe, clients that use Logi Analytics platforms can effectively analyze data from many different sources and style the results to match their brand to present the data sensibly.

They are the Number 1 analytics provider in their industry and work with a range of companies to help them deliver tailored analytics.  

What We Did: 

As part of the initial stages of the project, we created a range of concepts for the job, these concepts included giveaway items, around the core messaging. We paired these items with literature that would accompany the gifts. Our client loved so many of our ideas, they found it hard to choose between them. They landed on one but now also have a few concepts up their sleeve for future mailer campaigns.

Once we’d settled on a concept, we set to work bringing that concept to life, sourcing suppliers for the promotional gifting and looking at the best ways to package and post the items.

As you can see from the images below, we’ve got a lovely little box, which has been designed in brand colour’s and messaging, and inside the box, we’ve got a desktop garden with a branded label, and an extendable mailer, which showcases stats and testimonials of the previous year. 

It’s a lovely little package, with something that can take pride of place on someone’s desk, it’s a little bit different to your standard merch items, something that Logi liked, as they’ve been known to give away some large ticket items before, and creates a bit of a talking point. 

What They Said:

“It was such a pleasure working with Fifteen Design for our direct mail campaign. They quickly understood what we needed and came up with so many creative ideas! I would highly recommend working with Fifteen. 🙂 Thank you, Sophie & the rest of the team” Nica Danganan, EMEA Marketing Manager, Logi Analytics 

We hope that we can work with the team at Logi again this year, and can’t wait to see what we can come up with next! 




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