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Heat Mapping: How to read your customers’ minds

October 19, 2015 - Fifteen

What is Heat Mapping?

Heat mapping is a tool used to analyse where your users are clicking on your website. It helps to build a better understanding of what is receiving the most attention on your website, as well as allowing you to see how far people scroll down a page.

This allows you to manipulate the website to place important information that you want your users to see in a position that is more likely to be viewed.

What can Heat Mapping do?

Content Placement

If you have a fantastic piece of content that you want your users to see, it is typically better to be placed at the top of the page. From heat mapping numerous sites, we have been able to see that more than 80% of people will leave a page before scrolling to the bottom. This means you need to place the most important content (and CTA’s) before they “drop off”. No matter how eye-catching your call-to-action is; it is no good at the bottom of the page.

How to Convert Users

We recently talked about split testing, another ‘mind reading’ technique, which helps you identify what works well. By combining this with heat mapping, you can accurately evaluate which of your changes are generating the most clicks. Try out different styles of CTA and implement heat mapping to see what your customers are clicking on.

Evaluate Design

Website design is all about user experience now. As our Lead UX Designer Alex puts it, “Visitors aren’t important, their journey is.”

No matter how many people you direct towards your site, poor web design and user experience will rarely lead to a conversion. Most people currently employ the tactic of throwing enough people at their website that eventually one of them converts. By improving the design and journey of your site, you can concentrate on increasing the number of conversions over the number of visitors. By using heat mapping, you can evaluate what parts of your website do lead to conversions and build on them.

Want to learn more about Heat Mapping? Having trouble converting customers? Contact one of our user experience experts today.

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