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How a social media campaign can impact your website

September 28, 2021

Best possible way to help your new website, start producing a social media campaign. Networks such as Facebook and Twitter or even Instagram are forever becoming the ultimate marketing technique that companies and businesses want to promote their content.

Building a social media gathering

If there is already some kind of presence for your business, you’ll know just how important it is to maintain that. But if you do already have the following, you’re doing it right already. 

However, if not, there’s still plenty of time to build a gathering with a social media campaign and establish yourself with an online presence.

Firstly you have to find the social platforms that suit your business or brand. You will need to keep consistent usernames, logos and content across them all. Once it’s all set up and running, link your site and social media accounts across with each other.

You’ll need to stay in a routine of regular posts and uploads on your pages. Be sure to include engaging, relevant photos or videos and always include links to guide a viewer get to where you want them to be, your website! See our 10 tips for making the most of social media.

The different ways to create a social media campaign

The different ways to create a social media campaign:

Make video content

Create a YouTube account for your business if you haven’t already. It’s by far the best site to produce video content, and you’ll be able to use it across all your other platforms. The video hosting site is supported across the majority of social media apps today, and it’s easy to get started.

You can pretty much post anything you like or that comes to your mind. Types of videos like “how to do this” and “how to do that” are so easy and always a great idea for content. You want a way to show off your products, entice new people, or even just a way to show your friendly team for a good image.

Just take advantage of YouTubes features that it has to offer. Links in descriptions or timestamps relevant to your content are great SEO techniques. You can see more about how important it is to implement videos on your website.

Image anticipation campaign

Producing image content for a social media campaign is a fantastic way to build ‘buzz’ and anticipation for your new site. You can show pictures of your teams, logo & brands, including most importantly products or services, and make sure to have a theme or design of your images that are consistent to your brand.

Make sure if you’re using a platform such as Instagram or Twitter, to use relevant trending hashtags or keywords, you get bonus points for tagging influencers and relevant people included in your content.

The key to imagery social media campaigns is to always ensure consistency and quality. Blurred images, poor resolutions and unclear images make for a poor experience and will drive your viewers away. See why linking your social media images and imagery is important for your website.

Post your customers testimonials

It doesn’t really matter what length of time you’ve been in business for, If you are able to gather some thoughts or reviews of your business or service, this is another great social media campaign.

Collect as many as you can, and keep collecting. Keep them all in the same place for future use and good codes of practice. This is a great way that everyone can read about your business and see a review from the point of a customer.

This is another great addition to your image social media campaigns. Using quotes and reviews and assembling them into image format, this is a great and easy content option or alternative if you are in need in that area. Link this back to your testimonials page and enable people to read more giving even more traffic.

If you are getting bad reviews, see how you can handle this here.

Conclusion on using a social media campaign

Conclusion on using a social media campaign

Find new customers, use all that you have learnt and your platforms of choice to reach out to all your audience and potential user base. Find what your competitors are doing, visit their social media platforms, see who they are following and what they’re posting. 

If you’re using Instagram or Twitter, regularly search your company hashtags to see if anyone is sharing or engaging with content. Use search terms and follow similar companies or people to your target audience and create interactions with them. You have to think like your audience if you are to captivate them.




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