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How Can Brands Get More Than 140 Characters Out Of Twitter?

October 21, 2016 - fifteen

Brands often find it difficult to see how you can market and advertise on Twitter, as they assume all you can do is write 140 characters. However, Twitter has been trying to provide more ways for brands to reach their consumers. No need for just witty short sentences anymore!

Twitter Moments

At the start of 2016, Twitter released Twitter Moments. On here you can see all the latest news and events, and as a brand you can now create Promoted Moments to be featured on there. So, if your brand has some big news, or a strong campaign, this is a good place to feature it.


Periscope Live Videos

Another feature that Twitter has been encouraging brands to be using is live video using Periscope. When you go to create a new tweet, there’s the option to create a live video. If you haven’t already downloaded Periscope, it will guide you on how to.

Then from here you can start recording your live video! Great things for brands to film are behind the scenes footage, live events, Q&A’s, product demonstrations, interviews and more! Whilst the video is live, viewers can comment and like what’s going on which helps build a conversation between the brand and consumers.


Twitter Polls

If you want to find out more from your consumers, you can also create polls on Twitter. These can be really beneficial for your brand, not only is it free but you can gain some really useful information, or just have some fun with it. You could ask for feedback on a new idea or product, or even find out what their favourite things are.


Try out these different Twitter features and watch your brand awareness and conversation with your consumers grow!

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