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How To Come Up With Ideas For Your Blog

October 6, 2016 - Fifteen

Here at Fifteen we’re big advocates of blogging to increase your brand reach, however we do realise that it can sometimes be difficult to find topics to write about on a daily or even weekly basis.

Here are some tips that I’ve found useful.

Take Inspiration From Your Daily Life

When doing your day to day tasks, you may find yourself doing something which may be an interesting topic to blog about. For example, if you’re going to your manufacturer to check the quality of your product, that could be a good thing to take pictures of and blog about later.

Answer Questions You May Have Had Yourself

In your aforementioned hypothetical visit to the manufacturer, you may have had a few questions which needed answering by them, or you needed to do a little bit of research on. These also make great topics for a blog entry. If you’ve had those questions, your customers may have had them too.

Answer Common Questions From Customers

Some people like to use an FAQ for this, and that’s good as well, but it’s a good opportunity for a blog entry. “Ten Questions you may have had about our product” or something similar, where you take the most common questions you get and answer them very publicly, on your blog.

Show Off New Products or Services

Your blog is a great outlet for your latest and greatest new things. You should be using your blog to show off your newest products and services, making your readers feel special every once in a while with a sneaky peak of new things to come.

So these are 4 very simple tips on how to keep your blog fresh and the ideas flowing, and remember, if all else fails, you can always write a top 10 list. It worked for Buzzfeed.

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