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How to Commission a Good Website

September 25, 2014 - Fifteen

So, you are about to embark on a huge project in commissioning a new website design and build for your business. This will have no doubt been a big decision and requires a large investment, so you are going to want it to run as smoothly as possible. By using the following steps you can ensure the process is easy, on schedule and meets budget.


Find the right agency

Its important to find an agency that you believe you can work with, one that you get along with and can talk to. Take time to get to know them, what makes them tick and what aspirations they have for their own business. You’ll get the best out of them this way.

Once you have found your website developer, work with them to research into your website. Researching into the requirements of your new website is essential. This should be done using some, if not all of the following:

Understanding what your website needs to deliver. Is this e-commerce, a showcase of your products or services, online information or calls to action?

Ask what your customers and stakeholders think. What do people within your business think of the website and how do your customers view its suitability for their needs?

Working with your web developer, conduct heat mapping and research into your current website to uncover how your visitors are really using the site. Are they getting lost and confused? Unable to find what they are looking for?


Remit Apprenticeship Website Design


Allow time
You must take time to conduct this research and map out your requirements. This will help when the website build comes as you will be more focused on what you want to achieve with the site.

Make a Schedule
Creating a time plan with your developer will help you to map out who needs to deliver on what, and when. Following this closely will allow to you to ensure deadlines are met.

Content is King
Prepare for content development. Once you have created a site map with your web developer, start to plan and write the content accordingly. This is a big task and one that is often forgotten by the company commissioning the website. It’s regularly left until the end and then the realisation of how long it is going to take kicks in and you’ve run over schedule. Don’t let this happen!

Keep Organised
It’s important to keep organised and remember that your web developer is not a mind reader. Keep this in mind when sending content over and clearly title the documents you are sending so they know what content belongs where. This will make the process much quicker and avoid delays due to confusion.

To surmise, keep in touch with your developer regularly, don’t leave it weeks before you speak again. A good agency should keep in touch with you and let you know how a project is going. Insist on weekly update emails as well as phone conversations throughout the week.

Follow these simple steps and if you’ve found the right agency like I did, then the project will be a total success and the agency will have over delivered, like Fifteen did.

Follow these simple steps and if you have found the right agency, like I did with Fifteen, the project will be a complete success and the agency will over deliver on all your expectations.

Good luck.


lisaLisa King, Marketing Manager
Remit UK

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