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How To Generate Engaging Blog Post Ideas

December 12, 2016

When it comes to blogging, one of the hardest things is to think of engaging blog posts to write about. If you’re spending the time to write something, you want it to be worth it!

At Fifteen, we write up to 2 blogs posts a day, so we think ourselves as experts in searching for blog post ideas. Here are some tips for helping to generate blog post ideas for your brand.


Some of the most searched for posts are how-to’s. Going online and quickly typing into your search engine to find out how to do something is far quicker than doing research through a library or something else! If your brand can create some how-to’s that can be useful for your current customers, then this could potentially bring in new customers who are also wanting to find out more. Focus the how to’s into your businesses topic area, for example, if you’re a fashion brand it might be that you do a how to in styling a certain garment, or if you’re a food brand you might offer how-to recipes.

This site is a great way to find out what people are searching for in certain topic areas. You simply type in a key term e.g. social media, and it will find loads of different questions people are searching for that includes the key term. This list enables you to have loads of potential content ideas.

Trending Topics or News

Making your blog posts relevant to current events and news are easy blog post ideas, it also brings in fresh traffic from those who may already be searching around the trending topic.

You can often find some of the most trending news through hashtags on Twitter, or by being signed up to research company newsletters or even just by simply watching the news on the TV or listening to it in the car.

Customer Questions

You may get recurring questions coming up on your businesses social media, or on your website and instead of constantly re-writing the same reply, you should turn this question into a blog post and give guidance to your customers. If customers are constantly struggling to use your product or not sure what the full benefits are, then write a blog post to help them out!

Inspiration Is All Around You

Don’t limit yourself to the constraints of just what your brand is about, there is inspiration everywhere and you should use it. Don’t create the same content day in and day out. Take note of that post you’ve seen online or in the newspaper or in a magazine, you may be able to add to it or it may trigger new ideas for a counterargument post.


The most simple way of generating blog post ideas is by brainstorming with your colleagues. Whether they are going to be writing the post or not, they may have some ideas for blog posts that you’ve never thought about. In brainstorms, you bounce off each other and you could come up with some great ideas as a team.


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