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How useful is Yoast SEO and what exactly is it?

November 12, 2021 - Fifteen

There’s nothing better than making life much easier for you and your day-to-day activities. More often than not, there will be some kind of tool to help you get there, in this case, Yoast SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

SEO is the process of embedding metadata within the pages and throughout your website. This is in the form of meta descriptions, keywords, title tags and alt tags. This is where the use of Yoast SEO can make life much easier to complete these often extensive tasks.

If you are new to SEO and still have no idea what it is, then we would advise you to see our previous blog on the basics here.

So what is Yoast SEO?

So what is Yoast SEO?

Yoast SEO simply is a plugin for WordPress that is a tool for helping you optimize your site content for SEO purposes, and provide better rankings in the search results. Although it can be a huge time saver being an automated system, you still need to plan ahead.

You can install Yoast SEO to your WordPress site, and will appear as a section on each of your pages allowing you to edit them. It will analyze your pages content and also offer different suggestions and tips to consider when optimizing for SEO.

On your WordPress, the plugin will give you a score, telling you any areas for improvement and suggest possible amends.

How can Yoast SEO help?

No matter the version you obtain of the plugin, there are so many features you are able to learn from all versions. Take for example the focus keyphrase.

The focus keyphrase is the keyword or combination of keywords to set a page’s focus point. If you’ve done your research beforehand, you can find the most relevant and popular words. Otherwise, you can just pick out the most popular subjective word on the page.

Read into why keywords are so important here on our previous content.

The simplest and obvious way it helps, is that you don’t have to go into the HTML side and edit the coding. It’s simply a tool that bypasses this to make it more convenient for you and your team. It’s editable at any time and all you have to do is go to the desired page, making it quicker if you want to stay on top of current popular keywords.

Things to keep in mind when using Yoast SEO

Things to keep in mind when using Yoast SEO

Your sites readability

The search engines consider not only keywords, but they are looking for the best relevance a site offers, compared to popular search results. This simply means, the more views your webpage gets from a certain search, will depict your placing within the search roster. 

Yoast SEO will bring to your attention the issues that currently oppose a page, opportunities where improvements can be made, and this all is shown as a prompt or hint. It will give you a very useful and specific link to detailed information they have provided to help you in all circumstances.

Social Media with Yoast SEO Premium

If you have a shared post from social media linked to your webpage, you’ll get a preview of the page. Often including a photo, or some kind of featured image, a title, and description. 

The premium version of Yoast SEO will automatically grab the title and description from the SEO tab of your webpage to use as the preview for social media posts. Yoast SEO will allow you to write titles, descriptions and upload a featured image, making it available for social media.

Read here of our more in depth view to Meta Descriptions or Images.

Yoast SEO conclusion

Yoast SEO is great if you have no understanding or experience of SEO tasks, as it will also teach you going along what works and what doesn’t. It’s simply great training if you already have a working WordPress site running, with the benefit of providing more potential business.

We also have shown why Yoast SEO is best for SEO purposes in our previous blog here.

By using this method and following steps by Yoast themselves, you can include this as second nature. It will be easy for the next page you start and next, so on, so forth. If you’re not already using it, start now.

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